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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
SEX: Female
TITLE: Kinky

When I was around 26, I started dating Tommy. He seemed really nice and I liked him. Our relationship seemed prety normal and things were progressing. I soon noticed that Tommy wanted more out of our sex life than he was getting from me. I talked to him about it and he expressed a sense of boredom in the bedroom and that he wanted more kink in his life. One night after a few glasses of wine, we started to fool around. He then asked me to lie on my stomach and masturbate. Being a good Catholic girl, I didn't know what he wanted, nor did I do those kind of things. I did comply though, so I began to rub my clit and stroke my pussy while he watched. Right away I was excited yet felt somewhat guilty. This isn't right I thought. This is what the man in my life is supposd to do. As my hips gyrated and the juices began to flow, I looked at Tommy and noticed him stroking himself. I was turned on even more. He began to tell me in detail how sexy he thought my ass was and what he'd like to do to it. I then felt him spread my ass apart and he started licking my anus. It was so exillerating. I've never felt anything like that in my life. He kept on licking, kissing, and sucking my anus until I exploded into the most intense orgasm I've ever had. He then asked me to return the favor. I was a bit aprehensive at first but I didn't want to deny him the same pleasure he had given me. He got on all fours and I began to lick his anus in the same fashion. I've never heard a man moan and groan in extacy as much as Tommy when I did this to him. He then had an intense orgasm and shot a huge load. It gave me so much pleasure to see him in so much pleasure. I was hooked. I remember driving home from work in rush hour traffic and talking to Tommy on my cell phone, begging him to lick my anus when I got home. Once, we didn't even make it into my condo. He was there when I got home and he met me in the garage where he bent me over the hood of my car and licked my ass. After we broke up I settled back into my conservative Catholic lifestyle, but I still think of the steamy times with Tommy. He opened up a whole new world to me.

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
SEX: Female
TITLE: Baby sitting days

I use to babysit during my teen years and even continued for one family, even though I was 18 years old, mainly because they were very rich and paid me good. They had a 13 year son, Rickey, who I could tell was starting to have sexual desires, the reason I knew was because he was always looking at me. One night I was keeping him I thought I would tease him so I wore a very short skirt and a tight fitting top, with no bra. I kept the air on low so my nipples would stick out, which I saw him checking them out. My nipples are very long so he got an eyefull. I also kept my legs open so he could see my panties. I could tell it was driving him crazy and I enjoyed role of teasing. I went the extra mile when I went to the bath room and left my panties off. I showed him my parted pussy whenever I could while at the same time caried on a conversation with him about a TV show we were watching. He later excused himself and went to the bathroom. I decided to spy on him and when I looked in he was jacking off. Poor fellow, he could have had more than two inches. I went in and told him that I would take care of that problem. I could only get a couple of fingers on it and I started stroking his little penis. I took off my skirt and top and told me to feel my breast.He was awarkward and I had to show him how to feel them gently, not squeezing like he was at first. I then told him to put his finger in wet pussy. I then took him to his room and had him lay between my legs. I took his penis and guided it in me. I couldn't feel anything, since I'm use to my boyfriend's large penis, but after a few minutes. he shot off on my stomach. He then smiled like a kid on Christmas, having just encountered his first experience. I was in need of being fulfilled and luckily his parents came home soon. I called my boyfreind and told him to meet me , because he had someting I needed, which he gladly gave me. I had sex with Rickey several times afterwards and I showed him the joys of oral sex.He actually got good at intercourse and I could actually have an orgasim, before I left for college a little later.

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
SEX: Male
TITLE: That Summer

The summer of 1980, will always be in my mind. That summer, my mom finally talked me into visting my aunt and uncle on their ranch. Being 15 years old years old, I could think of other things to do, but I agreed to do it, mostly to get them off my back. I hadn't seen my cousins, Liz and Amber, who were 1 and 2 years older, me in a few years and when I arrived, I was at surprised at how much they had changed. Nature had been good to them as I couldn't help but notice their tight shirts and Daisy Duke shorts. The next day, they invited me to go the creek with them, that was on their land. I was surprised at how large the creek was and the girls said they often swam there often. Liz, the oldest, said she was burning up and then took off her shorts and top. She was braless and I was transfixed by her breast. She asked if this was OK since, she liked the feel of the cool water on her body. I said it was OK with me and then she dropped her panties and I saw her nealty trimmed blond bush. She jumped in the water and Amber took off her clothes standing just a couple of feet from me. Amber's breast was slightly smaller than her sister and her dark bush was almost in my face, I could see her slit which cause me to get aroused. The girls told me to join them and not wanting to be a party pooper I did. It must be a family thing, being blessed by nature, because even though I was only 15, I had a 6" incher when fully hard. We wrestled each other in the water and my penis keep brushing their bare skin and once was touching Liz's butt. I got hard and the girls could help but notice. They commented how big I was and then Liz took my penis in her mouth.Although I was a virgin and never had this thing happen to me before, I would say she knew waht she was doing and had done it before. We then went on the creek bank and and we lay on ground with aour three naked bodies snuggled together. I got my first taste of pussy when I went down on Amber. I loved looking at her pink vagina. Amber was so busy giving me head she didn't realixe I was catching a good look. Liz then said she wanted me in her and spread her legs. Her blond bush was breath taking and I slid in her. I was having my first intercourse and she she took me for a ride. Amber said to save me some and when I tried to enter her she was much tighter than her sister. I finally got it in and she made a grunt. I didn't knwow until then that she was a vifgin and I had just broke her hymen. I was to the point of no return and lost my load in her her. I pulled my penis out and it was covred with cum and blood. Liz, I later learned had sex quite often and after a few minutes of rest I lostt my second load in her. We got it on every day that week and the next summer I coudln,t wait until I visited again.

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
SEX: Male
TITLE: Slut wife

I started started suspecting my wife was getting some on the side, because on a couple of occasions when I came home from work, she immediatley wanted to make love with me and there was no way she could have got so wet in such a short period of time. I also started checking her panties that were in the laundry basket and they were always covered with dried cum. One day I came home early and left my car a couple blocks way. She was taking a shower, so I hid in the closet. We have bifold doors so I could see in the bedroom. I heard the door bell ring and a strange male voice. She came in the bedroom with a huge black guy. My wife is only 5'3", while he had to be at least 6'6". They started kissing, which was difficult with their height difference. She didn't waste anytime and unzipped his pants and pulled out the largest penis I have ever seen. She took all she could in her mouth, which wasn't but about half of what he had. She was wearing a bath robe, which he removed and let it fall to the floor. I was so great seeing my wife naked with another man. She was really going down on him and I figured he would lose it anytime, but she stayed at it for several minutes before he actually picked her up and laid her down the bed. His huge hand opened her legs and he started eating her out. I was started to get a hard myself, seeing the stranger enjoying my wife so much. She climaxed at least twice and I never known her to be so loud. She then had him lay on his back and she straddled his penis and slowly eased herself on him. She finally got all his huge penis in her and she was taking all he had. I could see his balls tighten up and then he starting pumping his load in her. He had to have shot off 5 times at least. My wife rolled over on the bed and I could see cum leaking from her. He left and few minuts later and by now I was so horny I had to do something with my hard. I open the door and my wife was surprised and scared that I would be mad, but when she saw my hard penis, she smiled and open her legs. I didn't mind sloopy seconds and it fact I came in no time. She told me that she had been having an affair wiht this guy, she had met at the grocery store, for several weeks. She said she loved me more than ever, but wanted a little variety sometime. The affair contiued and later I joined the party. Our sex lfe is better than ever. Now the problem is she's pregnant and will not know who the father is until the child is born.

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-Submitted November 20, 2005
Dad's girfriend
Sex: Male

My parents divorced when I was 16 years old. I decided to live with Dad during the weekends and Mom during the week. My Dad started dating a girl several years younger than than he was. Lisa was a very beautiful women and very sexy. I use to listen to them making love and wondered what she would be like. One day while I was in the bathroom, I saw a pair of her dirty panties on the floor. I couldn't resist smelling the crotch, which was smelled so sweet that I and I had to start jacking off. Lisa walked in the bathroom and I still had my penis in my hand and her panties up to my nose. She said something about me being a pervert and she would teach me a lesson. She pushed way my hand from my penis and then got naked right before my eyes. I got hard looking at what my Dad was having so often. She had just a tiny strip of pubic hair and I could see her clit sticking out a couple of inches. She pushed my head between her legs and told me to lick it. It tasted so good that I thought I would cum right there. Lisa then led me to my Dad's bedroom and she said she would make a man out of me, if I promised to keep it a secret. Didn't have to twist my arm on this one. She started licking my neck and continued until she got to my penis. Her tongue licked my balls and then she gave me head. I wanted to cum so bad, but she said I better not in her mouth, but instead she wanted it in her pussy. I got my penis in her and she wrapped my legs around my waist and squeezed me so tight. She felt so good, better than I ever imagined. I yelled I was going going to cum and then shot my off in in her. Lisa smiled and said this was the first time she ever had a father and son, but it certainly wasn't the last. I loved the weekend visit at my Dad's.

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-Submitted November 23, 2005
Taking Him In Hand
Sex: Female

Let me begin by saying that I met Saul when I was a Junior in University, and he was already a junior partner in the law firm he has been with for twenty seven years. At the time, he was quite a bit older than me, and that made our relationship a little strange in the eyes of his strait-laced family. His Mother was adamantly opposed to our 'thing' as she called it, and did just about everything in her power to get him to change his mind. All to no avail, because Paul was transfixed by my sexuality.

In particular, he has always had a cigarette fetish; that is to say, he gets pleasure from watching beautiful women smoke. Saul told me quite frankly that he first noticed me because of the fact that I was smoking a long, all-white cigarette in the pub that he frequented. At first, I thought this was a little strange...I had had experience with men fixating about the size of women's breasts, the shape of their posteriors, long legs, etc. - but never about smoking. However, I soon learned about the power that it gave me over him. I have tried not to abuse it over the years - only to heighten our sexual experiences together. But recently this changed. I found out that he had taken a younger mistress, a smoker, of course, and it drove me to take drastic measures.

For three months I had a private investigator follow him, take video of his assignations, and turn the evidence over to me. I found out who the woman was (a Paralegal for a competing Firm), where she lived, stores she shopped, etc. The whole time, I did not let on that I knew what he was up to, let alone to what extent I had researched. Sex continued (by now we were doing it only once a week anyway), but I made sure that he used condoms, stating that I had discontinued use of the Pill for health reasons. he never suspected a thing!

Meanwhile, I accumulated certain items and had renovations done to the basement of our home. He never asked about the nature of the remodeling; when he was writing a check to the carpenters one time, I told him that the basement needed 'finishing'. He never even ventured downstairs to check it out, just signed the check, kissed my cheek and left to play in a poker game. For several more months, I carefully put the details for my revenge in place. At last it was time to spring the trap.

One evening, Saul arrived home to find me dressed in a see-thru peignoir and heels, lips painted with expensive red lipstick, smoking an all-white 120 menthol. He asked me to fix him a drink, then sipped it as I smoked my cigarette extra-sexily for his benefit. His arousal was apparent from the tent pole in the front of his pants. I moved over to him and rubbed his penis through the fabric as I exhaled my smoke and perfume into his waiting nostrils. I whispered that I had a surprise for him...did he want to play? By now he was too far gone to think about anything besides burying his face inside of my wet pussy. He readily agreed, asking what I wanted him to do.

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In the space of two minutes, he was nude, blindfolded, hands secured behind him. I put a leather restraint around his neck, another one around his penis and testicles, snapped a lead through the chain and D-ring, and led him down the carpeted stairs to what awaited him. I placed him in front of the wooden stocks that the carpenter had fashioned; unclipping his hands, I placed his neck and wrists within their respective holes and closed the upper frame, securing it with a padlock. His ankles were spread apart and fastened to the sides of the frame, leaving him partially bent over at the waist, exposing all of his genitals. I took another drag from my cigarette as I squeezed his erection, gave him the smoke, and felt it jerk in my hand.

I then left him, to change into my new wardrobe. Putting on black leather thigh-high stiletto heeled boots, I stood up and donned a black leather bustier that exposed and supported my breasts. Next, black leather opera gloves went on. The final touch was a harness that held a ten-inch vibrating latex dildo that stuck out wickedly in front of me, and swayed from side to side as I walked over to the stocks that held my naughty husband. I removed the blindfold from his eyes and took up the video remote in my left hand, then lit a cigarette with my right. As Saul blinked, adjusting his eyes to the light, I turned on the DVD player. As I stood smoking, hand on hip, his jaw dropped as he saw Francine, his mistress, giving him a quickie in the front seat of his Lexus. Then he looked at me and really got depressed - I had the thick strap-on dildo in my gloved hand and I was laughing as I shook it at him. His legs trembled, and he began to stutter. I told him to save it; I did not care to hear anything he had to say, but for him to know that our 'relationship' was going to change irrevocably from this night on. He started to weep, to promise to break it off with Francine...I shoved a perforated plastic ball gag into his mouth and tied it on. I then bent forward, dragging on my cigarette and blew a helthy stream of smoke into his face, pausing before I lowered the blindfold over his eyes to see the shocked expression upon his face.

He was really whimpering when I stepped behind him, lubricated the head of the dildo and applied it to his puckered hole. I told him not to fight it, and I reached around to gently masturbate his penis back to its former hardness. It took a minute, but when I was satisfied that his erection was back, I began to push the phallus into him. The volume of his moans increased and got higher in pitch as his sphincter stretched to accomodate the intruder. I began to jerk him off slowly, gently, then thrusted my hips to bury at least six inches of the dildo in his virgin hole. Switching on the vibrator, I controlled the speed of the buzz with a dial on my waist strap. He began to moan, as pleasure took over. Slowly,deliberately, I screwed him. I massaged his nipples with one hand, his penis with my other. His legs shook as the rubber dick went all the way in, right up to the chrome 'O' ring at its base. I turned up the speed of the vibrator, and his whole body trembled. I sped up the jacking action of my hand on his dick, alternating the motion of my dildo thrusts with my hand. Saul stiffened up and gave out a muffled scream as he errupted in his orgasm - shooting spasm after spasm of hot cum onto the plastic sheeting that covered the floor. It made a splat sound that repeated ten times!

I pulled out of his ass with a pop, undid the stocks and told him to get down on all fours. I demanded that he lick up his 'mess', then lick my boots and service me. As I reclined on the sofa, smoking another cigarette, he ate his own cum, licked my boots from the heels up to my pussy and then sucked me off to a tremendously satisfying climax! Not only has he bid goodbye to his mistress...I am now his Domina. When he arrives home, he changes from a high- powered Lawyer to my Footman. I had to take him in black-gloved hand, and he is now far the better for it!

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