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TITLE: For 3 nights in Rome

I am 16 and I have a 31 year old half sister who got pregnant when she was 16. My nephew Sean who is 14 is one of my best friends. He's really more like a close cousin than a nephew. Anyway, we all came back from a vacation in Italy to visit relatives last week. We stayed in this hotel in Rome and Sean and I got the same room. It was like 4 am and we were up cause of the jet lag. We were flipping through the channels and came accross some porn. We looked at eachother and smiled. I could see his boner through the blankets and I had a huge one! Then, Sean asked me if I ever masturbated with another boy. I told him no and was weirded out by the question. He asked me if I wanted to masturbate together. He told me we still would be straight, it's just masturbating. I said what the hell, were on vacation. He took off his pants revealing a huge boner, maybe 5 inches and huge bush of pubes. I am about 6 inches and I shave my pubes to make my penis look bigger. I took down my pants and he grabbed my penis and I grabbed his. He started to massage it up and down and I did the same. It felt better when he did it then when I did it alone. I pumped and pumped until he finally came in my hand. I kept rubbing and playing with his penis with his cum still in my hand. He continued to jerk me off and I shot cum into his hand. It felt fantastic! The next night, we were back in the room and we found that porn again. We both had boners and I asked Sean if he wanted to masturbate together again. He said he wanted to try something different. He said he wanted to try sucking. I was up for anything being so damn horny. I took off my pants and my shirt. He took off all of his clothes too. I laid back on the bed and he sucked me so good. His warm wet mouth felt good on my penis. Just then I stopped him and said I wanted to screw him up the ass. He was excited I could tell. I bent him over the bed and directed my penis into his ass hole. I pumped my penis in his ass hole. It felt so good for my penis to be in his ass. I squeazed his ass cheeks as I screwed him. Finally, the best feeling came over me as I shot a huge load of cum into Sean's ass hole. We finished off by me sucking his penis. Since we got back, we have sucked and screwed twice. I am supposed to see him tomorrow!

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TITLE: Me, my brother and my dad

I had just gone through puberty and thought I was hot stuff. My dick had grown an amazing amount (I thought anyway) and I had pubic hair not just under my arms but all over my balls and over my dick too. I was very proud of this and showed just about anyone that would look. My little brother is 2 years younger than I and very much appreciated my new look and we played together often. He was hairless but a very horny little kid. We would jerk off together and jerk each other off and suck each other but we had never had sex together. We would also sneak our dad's playboy out from under his bed whenever he was gone and look at the pictures while we did our deeds. One night he came home earlier than expected and we had his porno mags in our room. We hid them when we heard him come in and hoped he would not be needing them tonight. He went to bed without any incident so we waited till we thought the coast was clear. We were in the middle of a very frantic 69 when he walked in on us. He just stopped and looked at us. Not horrified but not happy. WE were horrified and immediately stopped and tried to cover our dicks. He just said "Sorry guys, I just need these ok?" and took his mags. I COULD NOT BELIEVE that my dad had just walked in and saw my ass in the air with my hairy balls hanging down and my little brother sucking on my newly thick dick. Needless to say I wilted pretty quick and so did my brother. We knew we were in deep doo-doo but I was confused why he wasn't yelling at us now. He came back in a little while later and I thought Oh boy, now it comes. Instead he was just in his shorts and had a mag with him. He said he was sorry and hadn't realized that we liked these and were using them. He didn't mind if we borrow them and understood how we would like to see them. He also said he was sorry he hadn't realized I had grown up so much he has been much to busy. While he was talking I was looking at the floor of course and when I looked up, I noticed my dads dick was semi-hard and tenting his shorts. My eyes opened wide because I thought I had a big dick, but it was nothing compared to his. He saw me notice him and I think he ws pleased. He asked if we wanted to see it. We were both speachless but both nodded. He said he would show us his if we would show us ours. My brother jumped down from the bunk bed and stood there naked. Dad reached out and fondled his balls. Nice, very nice, and you get hard quickly too, that is very good. My broter was thrilled with the positive feedback. Dad looked at me and I moved the blanket I was hiding beneath. He got on his knees and fondled me, I had had others touch me before but this was electric. I got hard and he said cool things to me too. He started playing with both of us at the same time and we just enjoyed it. I realized he was still covered up. I told him it was his turn now. He stood up and took down his shorts. His penis was at full mast and as he was standing while we sat, it was right at face level. we both reached out and played with him. We took turns playing with his balls and shaft. He leaked all over and I used it to rub into his purple head. He moaned and said how wonderful it felt. I decided to see how much spunk his balls held and really went to work up and down his shaft. He asked if I was sure I wanted to do this and I put his dick in my mouth as an answer. I could not get it all in, I was used to a small 3 in and this was NOT a small 3 incher. But Iknew enough to suck as much as I could and use my hands to make up the difference. I squeezed his balls and stroked that spot between his hole and his balls, he really liked that. My brother was masturbating while I sucked my dad off. Finally he shot his wad and I almost drowned! It was really nice to taste the seed that produced us too. It was a cool feeling, almost like I was paying my dues for membership into a club. My dad said "I can't believe how much of a man you are, I really want to suck you, is that OK?" I almost came right then. He took me all the way down to my pubes without any warning. The feel of his complete and total warmth and sucking and embrace with his mouth took my breath away. My brother was a horny bastard but his mouth was small and he really didn't know what he was doing. I wondered later how my dad knew how to suck dick so well, but it never entered my mind then. When I came it was amazing and dad sucked it all and didn't waste a drop. He sucked little brother next and I could tell he was having the time of his life too. After we all had came, we just cuddled and talked. Dad asked us what questions we had about sex and growning up and stuff. We both felt very comfortable and actually opened up to him and asked him tons of questions. It was actully a neat experience and the best "birds and the bees" talk I have ever heard of. maybee I'll tell you all more later. Remembering this and typing it all for you has made me leak all over and I'm going to go masturbate. Wish someone were her to suck me.Instead of here, you need to be at

TITLE: Progression of a strange but great friendship

First off, I am 'straight' in the sense that I would never kiss a guy on the lips, fall in love with a guy, or do anything 'romantic' with one, or even do this again with any other guy because the circumstances for this story to happen were 'just right'.... but the sexual aspect of doing this, for me, is something entiresly different, kinda like bi-curiousity. When I was at the end of my grade 8 year, my friend and I slept over in the backyard of my house. As things go with horny 13 year olds, he brought porn, and we looked at it for quite some time, and with me never having done much with girls before, and him done quite a bit for his age, he told me about it all and ended up mentioning his dick. I didnt quite belive him, so I was like, well show me then, you're obviously hard enough from the porn to do so... and so he did, and I measured it and proved to him it was only 5 1/2 inches long. now I think that might have been a way for him to get our peniss out, but it was quite thick. So, he said, show me yours then if mines so small, and I did, with mine being about 6 inches but not quite as thick as his. Eventually, he asked if I had ever wanked, and he said, "don't even try to say you don't, everyone does it!". I said, well that's good because I thought I was wierd for doing it, you know... and to my surprise, he told me, "do you want to"? And so, with the little grove area where we were sleeping being quite close to the house, we moved for reasons I can't quite remember into the area behind our neighbors' shed, as we had no fence between the two properties. We jacked off, using hand lotion I found in my house before we went to the shed. We finished off, went to bed, and didnt really think m,uch of it the next day. That whole experience, how ever, was just the beginning. We had mutual masturbation for several months, doing pretty much the same thing, until I was in mid ninth grade. He casually suggested that we blow each other, and he said he had condoms to do so... I was horny enough to but my fear of acting 'gay' prevented me to for a while until finally, I gave in, and enjoyed it. Pretty soon, we continued without the condoms, and we eventually progressed to taking cumshots in the face and swallowing them, which made us quite horny. By this time, he had lost his virginity to his third girlfriend, but I remained a virgin. About a half year after that, during the summer break between Junior and Senior high, he was at my place while my family was out. WE were in the basement, doing our usual thing on the couch, and he told me he brought a condom. I said, what for I mean we never use them aymore... but he said, I really want to _____ you in the ass, you know just to see what its like. Again, my fear of being 'gay' prevented me again, and after a few more times, about 5 months later I gave in. It hurt at first, but he eased it up and it felt great. Finally I tried, and really enjoyed it aside from the guilt feeling that came after orgasm for both of us. Just like before, eventualy we ditched the condoms and began having anal sex and blowjobs, sometimes coming in each others asses, at every opportunity, all the while maintaining steady girlfriends, him _____ them but me never doing so yet. Eventually I met the one for me, a wonderful girl about a year and a half younger than me, and me and her had and still have a wonderful AND sex filled relationship... I finally lost it to a girl!!... but anyways, since this page is about male male encounters, me and the friend still do, on occasion, have anal/blowjobs together, and we have both told our significant others about this and, instead of telling us we're 'cheating', they encourage it, and as my girl puts it "i think it's hot... I finger myself to that thought all the time"... haha but anyways we're not gay, we've never kissed surprisingly through this, and we never speak of it unless we're actively doing it at the moment. Kinda wierd, but although im not gay, whenever I hear him say, "ya wanna jack off?", I always go for it!

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TITLE: cant think of a title

Keep in mind, I am straight, the guy who wrote the story above explained it pretty good. When I was seven and he was 10, we went on vacation in the mountains. Matt and I were in the hot tub together and we were playing truth or dare. Stupid things at first like curse or something but then he said "i dare you to touch my dick". He was kidding cause he was laughing, but then I went into his bathing suit and touched it. We both laughed. Then, I dared him to touch mine. He did and then we both laughed. Then, he dared me to suck his dick. I remember being excited about the dare and I went under the water and took his dick in my mouth for like 5 seconds. He was hard and it got me hard to have his dick in my mouth. Then without daring him, he sucked my dick. It felt really good. Later that night, when our parents were at dinner, we stayed in our room. We laid on the bed and jerked eachother off (we didnt cum and I dont think he got an orgasim.) We continued to jerk eachother off and suck eachothers dick, never cumming in eachothers mouths though. But now a days, we only masturbate lying next to eachother. I am straight and so is he, but I want to do what we used to do for years. I am lucky if we jerk eahother off. I would like to suck his dick and cum in my mouth and have him do the same. But when we would do that stuff, I was never really that into it, but he loved it. I guess cause he was going through puberty then and I was still a kid, but now, his hormones have calmed down. I wish I could get him to do the stuff we used to do? Please publish any suggestions.

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