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In an effort to publish a text on sexuality in modern society, this page is intended for an academic sociological collection of experiences and opinions regarding female-female same-sex experiences. This is NOT intended to be a place to express profanity.

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-Submitted August 3, 2006
Best sex so far

I am a stewardess with a leading airline and was asigned duty on a US to Malaysia flight. It was exciting for me as that was my first long haul duty, as previously I was assigned only on the US domestic routes. As I reached the gate for the flight, I met the leading stewardess Alison who introduced me to Samantha and told me to assist her in the Business Class cabin.

Luckily for both Samantha and myself the business class section was almost empty, so we both felt relieved that the long 16 hour flight would not a hectic one and there would be ample time to rest enroute. After we completed our meals service, Samantha asked me to join here in the crew rest seats located at the rear of the aircraft, I said OK and joined her after stowing up the carts in the galley.

As Samantha and I got talking we discussed our experiences on previous flights , the good and the bad issues about the airline we worked for and so on...pretty much usual topics. Then out of now- where Samantha placed her hand on my skirt and asked me whether I had a boyfriend...I looked down at her hand and said that I did not have one...but would not mind a girlfriend. Infact I told her that since college, I had more girlfriends then boyfirends and my preference was to be with girls.

She asked me whether I prefered gentle girls or butch and I said I like good looking females mostly on the gently side. I told her that I was not into rough sex or bondage or stuff like that and prefred girls because the sex was more female oriented and catered to my needs. I told her that the amount of times that I had sex with a guy, he would cum first and then leave me to cum by myself later one. Female partners understood what another female wanted and I never ended up cumming alone.

Samantha seemed really interested to know my sexual preference, so I asked her whether she too was into female sex. She smiled, looked in my eyes and gently slid her under my skirt and upto my crotch and said ofcourse dear...how can I not when I am in the company of so many beautiful girls. I opened my legs more to give her had more access to my vagina and she obliged and rubed her fingers up and down my panties. She said, that lets not do anyting here on the aircraft and wait till we reach Malaysia and check into the hotel.

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She took her hand from my crotch and smelled it and said that my scent had turned her on even more. I am sure that all my previous lovers had smelled my vaginal scent when they licked me down there, but no one had ever commented about it and hearing this from Samantha aroused me even more.

The next few hours were extremely tough for me as all I thought of was getting into a room with Samantha and achieving orgasm after orgasm with her. Our flight landed in Malaysia, we cleared customs and went to the hotel. While checking into the hotel, both Samantha and I made sure that we got adjoining rooms. The other crew members too were also on the same floor so we have had to make sure that our little liason was going to be discrete.

We reached our rooms, samantha winked at me and went in. I too entered my room and dropped my bags and was thinking on when Samantha would come over, when there was a knock and guess who..it was my Samantha.

As soon as she came in, she kissed me and ran her hands all over my bum and brests. I then took her hand and led her to the bed and positioned her to sit down on the bed. When she did, I came over to her and told her I was all hers. She looked at me and began raising my skirt to reveal my panties. I held the skirt up and showed her my panties and how wet they were. She then told me to step out of my skirt and open my blouse. Once I did that she got on the floor, kneeled and pulled my panties down. She then proceeded to smell my aroused vagina and told me that my scent was a really turn on for her. She then asked me to turn around and show her my bumhole. I was totally aroused by all this stuff and said to her that it would be better if I go on my hands and knees to give her better access to both my openings.

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I got on the bed and samantha proceeded to lick my vagina and at the same time I knew she was smelling my bum. Her tougue then reached my anus and she licked my anus in long circuilar manner for the next 15- 20 mins. Once she was done, she came around to me and kissed me and I could smell my own fluids and scent on her. I then asked her to lay on the bed and I started undressing her. She told me that she was extremly horny and would cum in a matter of minutes. Once she was completely naked I lifted her legs and told her to hold them up to her chest, this way both her openings were now exposed for me. For the first time, I consciously took a sniff of her vagnia and that made me dissy. She asked me how she smelled and I said like a horny female in heat. She then pointed to her anus and told be to smell here there as well and make good solid love to that opening.

I was not too sure of that but, decided to try her suggestion and slowly took a sniff of her forbidden hole, and the proceeded to rub the opening with my finger. She started writhing and I then brought my tougue back to her vagina and started licking it at the same time lightly rubbing her anus. She came within 5 minutes and then hugged me and told me that it was my turn to cum.

I was so turned on that I got onto my original all fours position and before I knew it Samatha was licking both my openings and massaging my brests in between. She then inserted 2 fingers in my vagina and proceeded to finger me rapidly...this was the point of no return for me and I came with a long, strong orgasm..which till date I term to be the best one I have experienced.

Samantha is now my steady girlfriend since the last 3 years and we have had amazing sex whenever we end up in bed together, however our first time was the best and the most memorable one for me thus far.

-Submitted August 12, 2006
Just friends

I had only known Stacey for about a year but that didn’t lessen our friendship. In fact, we were the best of friends and hung out together during all our spare time. Often we would go for coffee together and walk around town ending up in the same playground lying in the field, looking up at the stars. It was on one of those outings we both had our first lesbian experience. We had finished our coffee and made our way to the play ground where she sat cross legged on the grass and I rested my head in her lap. I don't know what it was that made me feel the way I did, but for some reason I wanted her to kiss me. As I looked up at her all I could imagine were her lips pressing down on mine. I started to feel wet but I didn’t care. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She stopped talking and looked down at me and it was like she knew what I was thinking but she just blushed and turned away and so did I. It was quiet for awhile but not awkward, calming. Soon I felt her hand brushing my hair but also her other one as it slipped into her pants. She sat there combing my hair and fingering herself. It was driving me crazy, I was so turned on and if I didn’t do anything about it I was going to go insane. I looked up at her again to see that her face had become flushed and shiny with sweat. Stacey...? was all I said and all I need to say. She leaned down and eagerly placed her mouth on mine. In no time our tongues were exploring each others mouths, her moans were barley audible above my own. When we broke apart for air she had shifted her position so her legs where now straddling my hips and her arms were placed by my head. Slowly she unzipped my sweater and slid her hand up my t-shirt and under my bra. I gasped as her soft fingers played with my sensitive nipple. She just giggled and did the same with her other hand. Again, we started kissing and I could feel her hips begin to move, so I in turn began to move in the slow rhythmic motion. Our kiss deepened and we began to move faster, grinding against each other. Both of us where moaning and sweating as well as incredibly wet. Stacey pulled away breathing deeply begging me to put my fingers inside of her, I need you now, I can't take it any longer! I want you inside of me! Please, put your fingers inside of me. I sat up, panting as well. I wanted to do this for her, she wanted me to. I undid her pants and gently placed my hand on her bushy mound. I slid my finger between her already parted lips and my hand became instantly moist with her juices. She moaned and continued playing with my breasts. I then slid two of my fingers inside of her as my thumb gently massaged her throbbing clit. I moved my fingers in and out, faster and faster. Her body began to tremble and my hand was soon covered in her cum. I felt like I was going to explode. I then took my hand, still coved in Stacey's juices and reached down into my own pants and began to finger myself. She soon stopped me and pulled my pants right off. As if returning the favour, she slipped her hand into my panties and started fingering me. It was amazing to have another woman’s fingers caress me, touch me, pleasure me in such a way. It want before long that I had reached my climax, so we laid there in the grass, catching our breathes. I know that Stacey and I will never forget that night. It was incredible and we plan on getting together again but this time in a more, sheltered area.

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-Submitted August 15, 2006
Sleepover surprise

When I was much younger, my best friend came over for a sleepover. After all the regular stuff...movie, chips, giggling, nails, etc, we went to bed. I had a huge king sized bed in my room and so there was plenty of room for both of us. I was sleeping pretty well but gradually started waking up to someone touching me. It was very soft and gentle and I was sleepy and relaxed. But the touches on my arm and leg and stomache started moving to my private area. I wondered what was going on, but I didn't move because I was curious, and it felt good. My friend very slowly pulled my panties down while I slept soundly. She touched the area between my legs where I hadn't started growing hair yet. It tickled, but felt soothing at the same time. One of her fingers started going between my legs in a probing stroking way and I could feel her breath on my hip. Her face was right down next to her hand and my girly parts! I wondered what she was going to do next and thought that maybe I should move a little bit so she could reach it all better. I rolled a little more onto my back and opened my legs a little more, too. Her finger started moving up and down the slit and little by little crept inside it. A strange and wonderfult thing happened...I started feeling hot and tingly and there seemed to me a build-up of wetness down there. It felt so good and I didn't want her to stop, even though I didn't understand what she was doing to me. Pretty soon she slid her finger where the wetness was coming from and then slit it back up to where the tingling was coming from. Yikes! It felt amazing. Her finger slid deeper and I could feel it trying to penetrate my tiny virgin pussy. It felt so huge and hard and while I was trying to lay still, I couldn't. I moved a little bit and opened my legs a little bit more and then I felt her breath even closer to where her fingers were. Right there! Right next to the place where my pee came out! I didn't even know what to call it, but WOW it felt so good. She pulled her finger out and I could hear her licking it and before that could register, she put it back and I stopped thinking about it. All I could think about is I wanted more...but I didn't know what I wanted more of. I could now feel two fingers...one in the wetness and one on the tingly place, slowly rubbing around in no particular rhythm. She kind of sat up and Lifted my knee and pulled my panties down further and then she put her head under my knee and wiggled her head between my legs. I couldn't believe what was happening. And then I felt her tongue on the tingly place and then both her fingers trying to go inside. For some reason they couldn't, and it hurt a little bit. I thought maybe I should move my legs open more and I did, and I felt her nod her head and say mmmhmm. Then her little tongue went into the wetness and it was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt in my life. I opened my eyes and could see her blonde head between my thighs I started moving my hips up and down because it just felt natural to do that. She looked up and saw that I was awake and said, This feels good, doesn't it? I said, Yes, but what are you doing? She told me she didn't know what it was called but she liked it and she liked me so she thought I would like it, too. I told her I did like it very much and to do it some more. She said she would and asked if I would do the same thing to her because it felt so good. I said yes, but you have to tell me what you are doing so I will know. That is when I learned the words Pussy, Fingering, Clitty, Tongueing and F***ing. After she explained that putting your fingers inside the pussy felt really great after the first time I told her to go ahead and do it. She said that I was wet enough to make it easy, but to know it might hurt. I said to go ahead and I would let her know. She kept tongueing my clitty and moved her fingers around the opening to my pussy and then little by little she pushed one inside. It stung and felt like she was burning me and then there was a little pop and her finger went all the way in. She looked up and said, There. Now we can do it just for fun. Then she added another finger so she was finger-effing me while she licked my clitty. It felt so good. It was tingly and it felt like she was winding a rubber band and then all the sudden she let it go and I started shaking and bouncing my hips and pushing my pussy down into her face. She said that was great because I had just cum. And now I could do the same for her. I said that I was happy to and excited to see what it was like down there. She told me to start by touching her pussy and then very slowly I could start licking it before I put my fingers inside her. I asked if it was going to hurt her like it did me, and she said, No, I have done it lots of times and sometimes I push things in that aren't my fingers. Wow, like what? She said she would tell me after I had made her cum. So, I started doing what she told me and when I felt her wetness I was shocked! There was so much. I put my tongue on her clitty and she told me to lick around in circles and to put my fingers in quickly. I did and I slid 2 in so easily. She told me to put in 3 and really eff her hard with them. I did and then when she started moving my forth finger slipped in, too! She started moving faster and then before I knew it my hand was inside her all the way up to where my thumb was. I was licking and pusing my fingers inside her so hard and she said, I'm cumming! I just held on and kept doing what she wanted me to do. After she calmed down I showed her my hand as I pulled it out and told her that 3 fingers weren't enough for her, I guess. She said she had never gotten that many inside before, but she was pretty proud of it. She would really be ready when it came time for a boy to put his thing inside. I didn't know what she was talking about and so she told me all about sex and how it happens with a boy and girl and she was anxious to try it. Then she told me that she could put lots of stuff inside her pussy...things like a spoon handle, and fat markers, and the handle of her hair brush. It all feels good you just have to move it around. She told me I could rub my own clitty and make myself cum anytime I wanted. I wondered how she found out about all of this and she explained that she had found some dirty books with pictures in her moms room and she had learned it all from that. She asked if I wanted her to do it again to me and I said yes and she should show me how to rub myself. She moved away about a year later and she is the only girl that has ever touched me like that. One day I hope I can find another one that likes to play with a slippery clitty and push her fingers inside me.

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-Submitted August 19, 2006

I was over at my friend, Melissa's house for a sleep over. Her parents left out on a dinner date w/ her dad's boss and his wife. We were on the bed in the basement watching a movie. She knew I was straight and I knew she was bi, but that didn't stop her. She started feeling me up and I was getting horny. Soon we were both getting into it, kissing, touching, and clothes flying everywhere. Then when we were finally naked she got on top of me and placed her clit right on top of mine. She was rubbing her clit up and down on mine and we were humping like crazy. The bed was about ready to break. We were finally at out climax and we were screaming, and moaning fuck me harder, ohhhhh yes, hump me harder baby we were cumming for a half-hour straight. Now we live together as roommates, and everynight we like to have our lesbian humpfest. I think i'm gonna go and find her now

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-Submitted August 22, 2006
my first female

I was in collage taking accounting courses. It was my first week and I had just made a friend Rosie, me and rosie became good friends, we decided to take pic one day, well we went to the studioas we decided to take sexy pic. well we bothe got dressed into our longera for the pic's and I noticed she was watching me I could tell she was getting wet too.well we tookthe pictures and the camera man left so we could get dressed into our cloths, itold rosie how sexy she looks as she contimued to tell me hoe she can see my pussy lips,and insisted she fixed it for me , she pushed the thong away from my slit and began to lick and suck on my clit. we ended up having sex allover the photo studio tillwe both came about 3 time we decided to stop when the camera man walked in on us well we got dressed went out to see the finals and we couldnt find him we looked in the black room and seen the camera man jerkng off.

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-Submitted August 28, 2006
Afternoon Delight

It was a thursday afternoon, and as usual all the girls had hockey training on the astroturf. As we dribbed the hockey ball up and down the field I couldn't help but notice a particular girls breasts jumping up and down in her sports bra, and her skirt fluttering in the breeze.

A few hours later we had all worked up a sweat and headed for the showers. In the changing rooms we stripped off, and I got a full look at my friend's - let's call her jo - breasts. It was in the winter, and the heating was not working in the changing rooms, so her nipples were perky, standing at full attention. And her muff a perfect triangle of black on her perfect white skin.

We all piled into the showers, I was standing next to jo, a soapy hand brushed my breast, and I caught her glinting eye. We stayed in the showers long after everyone else. I pretended to drop my shampoo, and as I stood up I came fae to face with her minge. I stood up and as I pressed my lips against her she slid her fingers into me, all soapy and warm. I was dripping wet. I soon came all over the place as my body trembled. Suddenly I fell to my knees, and I licked her clittoris with my tounge as she exploded in my face. It felt amazing.

I want it to happen again

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-Submitted August 28, 2006
Freshman Week

Arriving at college, the first night we had a party at the dorm sponsored by our houselady and the old girls. Around 50 of us gathered for punch - discretely spiked - and we got relaxed and giddy and then quite a bit loosened up. Coming from a pretty repressed household, I was looking to stretch the night out and had lots of punch. Before I knew it, the party was thinning out and I was one of the last students left with Mags the houselady cleaning up. As we collected the last few cups and snacks, and I realized I was the last student there helping, Mags thanked me - and right about then I spilled a cup of the punch right into myself - all down my t-shire and my shorts. I was sure it would stain, but Mags offered to treat my clothes with stain remover before the deep red could set in. As we went into her apartment, I entered the kitchen, then the laundry room, and pulled my top over my head, then dropped my shorts and gave them to Mags to apply stain remover. Mags saw that my panties were also soaked and had the red punch stain run down the front and she asked me to surrender my panties too. Iwas having my period, so I had an Always maxi in them, but she took them anyway. Mags said that she would need to put stain remover on my clothes and then soak them for 20 minutes, before finally putting them into the washer and dryer. So there I was in just my bra, and Mags offered me to follow her to her bedroom. Oh my God, I thought, is she going to make a gay pass at me ? But she just opened a drawer and handed me a pair of shiny pink bikini panties in nylon or satin and said - you can put these on if you want. I wasn't gonna stay naked, so I put them on. She then got a maxi pad and a tampon out of her bathroom and asked me which I would prefer. I said that I had never used a tampon before, and she started to hand me the pad. But then, she asked - why ? Why hadn't I used a tampon before ? I said that my mom had never and that I was afraid to lsoe my virginity, and she said - nonsense. At that point she said she would show me, and she got down on her knees, slid down the pink satin panties, opened the tampon, and proceeded to slide it right into me really quickly, tugged the string a bit with her fingers, patted me lightly. She then gave me a kiss on my pubic hair patch, and slid the panties right up. Weird. She then kissed me on my lips - really quickly - no tongue or anything. Was that a gay experience ?

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-Submitted August 29, 2006
No husbands


About two months ago my husband and I went away on vacation . We loved this place up north that our good friends go to also , its a cottage on a small lake with no one but us . We invited them also and we met there the next day . I have known Cindy and Paul for years and so has my husband . Well after the first day my husband and Paul left to go back into the city to see about their company that they own together . Cindy and I were all alone for a few days until they returned . Were we where was no TV or any other activies that we could go to but just relax and enjoy each other . It was just after dinner and we were both sitting by the fireplace and talking about sex and how we miss our husbands . Out of the blue Cindy asked me if I have ever had sex with another woman , when I said never , but thought about it a lot when she said me too ! Then she asked me how much I masturbated as I left to go and take a shower . I told her as I went to take a shower that as much as I can , laughing as I left the room . After my shower I put on my rope and returned to the rec- room and found Cindy naked , fingering her clit , moaning as she looked up at me , then told me to join her for some fun . As I sat beside her we both kissed , then I removed my robe and fingered my clit also as we both continued to kiss . I was so hot that I came in just seconds as did Cindy . I could not believe how hot I was and told Cindy I wanted to make love to her . She said the same as we both continued to kiss , then fingered each other's clits . I came again as did Cindy as our fingers probed each o

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-Submitted September 12, 2006
Fun 4ever


Three years ago I told my husband I was bi and he just smilled , then told me he was too ! We love each other very much and have great sex all the time ,but I still love the touch of another woman , kissing and lying naked together , fingering each other always drove me wild and caressing each other too ! Well this one week my husband went away and my good friend Jen came over and we watched a porno of two women making out and we both got real hot as we sat there masturbating together with our vibs ! . We always masturbated together even we were young but never did anything but that untill this night as we both kissed each other !

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-Submitted September 25, 2006
To Serve And Protect

Hi, I'm a security guard with a large corporation that provides our services to other large corporations. Therefore I travel a lot, which I love to do. The fact that I get to meet many different women is a definite plus. When I receive a new assignment, housing is already arranged. Depending on the duration of the posting, it may be in a condo or in a hotel. I wish to share with you what happened recently in a small midwestern city that I am working in.

The receptionist for the company I was assingned to is a sweet little thang from Texas, and she's right up my alley, so-to-speak - super feminine, soft-spoken, a real piece of candy. We hit it off right away, and within the first week, had already gone out together after work. SandyLee stands about five-three in high heels, so she is rather petite. She has long brown hair, green eyes, shapely legs (which I adore), a tight caboose and a delicious pussy. In fact, it's probably the sweetest I've had the pleasure to taste.

Anyway, we went out and had some drinks, got to know each other, and eventually got down to discussing exuality. I suspected that she was into dominant women, and she confirmed it when she stuck her tongue down my throat and asked me if I would use my nightstick on her. I told her to ask me nicely, and I would see what I could do. We got back to her place and it was a detached house in a suburb of St. Paul. We went inside and she fixed me a drink. Then she excused herself to change into something more comfortable. After about fifteen minutes, she called to me from downstairs (its a split level ranch)and asked me to come to her. What I saw really opened my eyes.

The room was decorated 'early Inquisition', for lack of a better way of describing it. There was a stock on an elevated platform, an x- frame complete with shackle cuffs, a rack that held various whips and flailers, and all was lit by two multiple candelabra stands. SandyLee was on her knees, blindfolded, wearing a body harness with d-rings and studs. I got wet immediately and told her to stand up. She instantly obeyed, and I led her over to the stocks. It was made so that the submissive lies back with her neck and wrists pinioned, but her legs are parted to be shackled at the ankles. She moaned as I lowered her onto her back. I ran my fingers through her shaved- clean gash and she was running like a faucett. I like my fems clean shaven, so that nothing gets in the way of a good time.

She asked me to flog her pussy. I told her to shut the f--k up. Instead, I began to suck her pussy and use her juices to probe her rectum, also one of the sweetest I have ever tasted. I stuck my lubed finger all the way in and began to lick-bite-suck her clitty. She went wild! I had her cumming like nobody's business in about two minutes, and positioned my rolled tongue like a funnel to drink her sweet nectar as it gushed out of her. Verrry responsive g-spot. When I was done with that, I inserted a vibrating butt-plug into her rectum and got up on the platform to squat down onto her mouth. I told her to suck it, clean me out real good.When she had pleasured my clit to a strong climax, I instructed her to stick her tongue up my ass and clean me out real good. My breasts are small, but I have verry long, sensitive nipples which I love to pinch as I am being sucked off. I did so as I rode her tongue and shuddered into a really explosive climax.

After I regained my composure, I went around and took my black plastic baton and worked about eight inches of it into her ass. By now she was cooing like a dove, and I could not resist the urge to suck her off again. After that, I carried her to the bedroom and we made love until morning. The next day, I tied her up and screwed her with a quart soda bottle. She took it all, after I warmed her up with my fist and forearm, then a massive four-inch diameter rubber dong. She is insatiable and multi-orgasmic. I think I am in love!

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-Submitted September 28, 2006
Girl Games

Audrey and I were inseperable the summer of my fourteenth birthday. She was everything I wasn't - tall, buxom, pretty, and absolutely worldly and sophisticated beyond her years. We were the same age, but that was where any similarity ended. Her mother worked the night shift, so Audrey went largely unsupervised and unaccountable. This meant that we could hang out at her place and pretty much do as we wanted, as long as she was in bed when her mom returned home early the next morning.

I was very curious about sex, but had never masturbated to orgasm, largely due to my own rather strict moral upbringing. Audrey and I used to talk about boys, and doing it. One night, we were having a particularly hot conversation, and then she was on the phone speaking to a boy that she liked. She was so into the phone that I got up and went into her mother's bedroom, out of curiosity. It was nice and grown-up. Her makeup table had an ashtray and some cigarettes. I had tried smoking a couple of times, again, out of curiosity. It had made me feel grown up, and so I slipped one out of the pack and used one of her mom's lipsticks in the mirror. I put the long white cigarette in my mouth and lit it. Instantly, I felt my pussy getting wet. The second puff I took made me start to leak out of my vagina. It concerned me, as I was not due for my period for another two weeks. I undid my culottes and looked into my panties for signs, but found none. I glanced up and saw my own reflection in her mom's mirror, and was startled and turned on at the same time. A young woman stared back at me; she was wearing lipstick and smoking, with her ginger- clored pubic hair showing! I took another puff and began to touch myself, watching as smoke came from my mouth. It was heady, and I was now so turned on that I just had to do something about it...

I got onto the bed and pulled off my culottes and panties. There was an ashtray on the nightstand, so I ashed my cigarette and lay back, spreading my legs. I began to finger my clit in circles and let my fingers rub up and down between my soaked pussy lips. When I took another drag, it was deep. I felt so deliciously wicked, and knew that I was going to cum. I couldn't stop if I wanted to - and my toes started to curl. Another drag from the cigarette, and I went over the edge! It felt like I was being lifted up and then dropped! I saw sparks through tightly closed eyes, and felt a hand touch my breasts through my blouse. Audrey didn't say a word, she simply began to unbutton me, take it off, and then reach around to unsnap my bra. My titties responded to her mouth, getting hard instantly.

She got undressed herself and went and got her mom's cigarettes. Climbing into bed, she lit one for herself and another for me. We kissed each others mouths as we fondled our nipples. Then she asked me if I had ever used a dildo before. I laughed, rather embarassed, and admitted that I had never even cum before tonite. She said, 'Watch this', and pulled out a black rubber penis from a drawer next to the bed. She lay back down and switched it on. It made a humming, angry sort of sound and she began to push it in and out of herself. Her pussy was very wet, with dark hairs all over. She asked me to suck on her nipples while she 'did herself'. I bent down and took one of her little pink nipples in my mouth and began to lick and suck it. I felt my wetness returning, and something made me ask her if I could try the dildo. She took it out of herself and began to move it over my vagina and clit. My legs spread, almost by themselves, and as I smoked my cigarette, Audrey took my virginity. It hurt at first, but soon enough I was telling her to put it all the way in and move it faster...I came even harder than before!

Audrey lay down and pulled my head between her legs. I smelled how strong her pussy smelled, but it turned me on and soon enough I was sucking her. After a couple of minutes, she closed her thighs and held my head, with my mouth on her. She came violently, then let me up for air. We smoked another cigarette and talked about how we felt about what had happened. I said that it felt good, and she agreed. Eventually, we fooled around again. This time, she took out another of her mom's toys and used it in my bum while she sucked me off. That was a whole other way to cum! After that night, we got together frequently to masturbate and have sex. I eventually met a boy and had penis sex for the first time later the next year. That was over twenty years ago; we are both married with children, and last year, she visited me. The sex was fantastic, but that's another story!

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-Submitted October 1, 2006
Playing cards

I have always been bi , but only had sex with other woman during threesomes with my husband until this one time last year ! My girlfriend called and invited me over for a card game with her friends later that night , but I said no I was going out with my husband to see a movie . He called an hour later from work and canceled , had too much work to do , so I told him I was going over to see my girlfriend . So I took a shower and shaved my legs and pussy hairs smooth , then got dressed and left to go over to my friend's house . When I got there , my girlfriend Tina was playing strip poker with her two friends , Mandy and Barb whom I know too , and they both were naked , they lost the game and Tina was just in her underware when she said that I must join in also ! A few hands later , I was totally naked also as Tina was good at cards and still in her underware ! We all smoked a few joints , getting a good buzz when Tina commanded Mandy to lick Barb's clit after the next hand that she won again ! I was so hot and wet from watching them both that I had to finger my clit also when Tina came over and knelt between my legs , telling me she needed to taste me .I came twice in just a few minutes as she licked me as I told her to keep going and not to stop !The four of us then when upstairs to Tina's bed and got into a daisy chain , cumming many times as we licked each other . It was the best night of my life , I was never so happy as we all kissed each other too ! I love to play cards with Tina , even if it's just us two ! Tina has a husband also , but we are the best of lovers , her body is so sexy !

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-Submitted October 12, 2006
My first time

I was in high school at the time and was still a virgin. I was in class 11B and had a crush on Dennis Gaylen. I had liked him since grade 8.

One night Chloe(My best Friend) and I went out for a night at the movies. We were about half way through the film when there was a sex scene with two girls. and I felt chloe lay her head in my lap. When I asked her what I was doing she said she was tired and didn't really like the movie.

So I just continued watching. and every now and then she would adjust her head so that it would discretely push my skirt up a bit and expose my G-String. Then I felt her breath on my pussy and her fingers caressing it. and it was really exciting me so I let her keep doing it. Then after a while she pulled it aside and started tounging my virgin tight little pussy. And it felt so good Then she slid a finger right in and I screached a loud yelp as she popped my cherry in the middle of the movie cinema. it was so embarassing cause everybody looked at me. Then she leaned over and got a vibrator out of her bag. Oh my god I thought. as she sneakily leaned back over into my lap hiding the dildo in her pocket Then she slid it into my pussy and turned it on and it was a silent one. she just held it there until I felt myself throbbing with sheer pleasure as I climaxed right there and then. I must of had about 15 orgasms in that movie and I have never had a better experience in a movie theatre

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-Submitted October 12, 2006
Pleasure waves

Jenny and I were best of friends and had been for some 10 years. She, I knew was bisexual, but we had never indulged. Anyway it was a time when she was having boyfriend trouble and aksed if she could stay a while with me at my flat. I did up the apare bed and she she seemed contented for a few weeks. However it was then that I noticed she changed slightly and was warmer to me than usual and sometimes would be in before I got back from work and was preparing a meals. Usually she was dressed in a light dressing gown. It almost bordered on see through and did reveal her outline when light was behind her. Anyway this one evening we ate and then watched some TV before I went to my room. I was about to turn off my light when I noticed my door open a bit and she came in thinking she was going to ask me something. Instead she came over to me, leant over the bed and kissed me. It was a lingering kiss. The next thing I could feel her pulling back my sheets and getting into my bed. I went to say something but she put a finger over my lips and just quietly said sssshhh!! She then removed her dressing gown to reveal the fullness and roundness of nakedness and slid down the bed beside me. She rolled on her side away from me and I turned out my light. I wasn't concerned but just felt lovely having someone share my bed for a change. Some 15 minutes later and I was just on the point of dropping off she turned and lie with her front to my back and I could feel the warmth of her body and her curves against me. It wasn't long before I felt her hand on my thigh and slipping under my night dress that it moved upwards and over my stomach. I felt her hand kneeding my stomach and ever so slowly moving down towards my crotch. I was about to turn and face her to say something like - you shouldn't - when her hand went straight into my panties and into my clit. I nearly jumped out of bed with the sensation. No girl had done that to me but this was even greater than any boy had achieved. Witjin moments she had a my clit between two fingers slowly massaging it, stopping just anough for one finger to enter my vagina and use the juices on me. C,mon she said lets share the experience. I gingerly put my hand behind my back, feeling betwwen our bodies for her pubic area and whereupon finding it and her clit touched her gently when she also jumped. I could feel the reaction. Then I turned and rolled onto my side facing her and we gently but successfully managed to masaage each other to the point of a shared climax. It was wondrful and the most enjoyable sexual experience I had ever had. To say the leats it wasn't the last either as we did it every night until she left the flat and continued less regularly when she came to visit.

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-Submitted October 15, 2006
Big TV

My husband loves watching porno's of two or more woman together , what man dos not ? It gets me horny too as we both masturbate together watching these great movies . Back a while ago my husband went on a trip with his friends and I stayed home and invited my girlfriend , Sally ,over for the weekend . I ordered a pizza and picked up a bottle of good rum when I got the pizza and picked up Sally . We sat there in the recroom and ate our pizza and had a few drinks together , just chating and watching a little TV . My husband had bought a big screen TV a while back and we both loved the view as we watched . I told her he loves it for his porno , great close ups when she said lets watch them . I said to her all he has is tapes of woman and gay , bisex girls when she smiled , ok , lets watch them as she grabbed her purse and pulled out a few joints for us to smoke , smilling at me . We both watched and smoked a few as I got hot from them , I know she was hot too ! Sally said that looks like fun as said she had to take a shower whem I said the same . Lets go and take one together she said as said OK , that might be fun too as I thought while we both went upstairs . Sally removed all of her clothes as did I and we both got into the shower together , washing each other's hair and bodies ! Her pussy was shaved and so was mine as we cleaned each other , getting horny she kissed me , telling me how hot she was ! I was very wet also and not from the shower as we went into the bedroom and continue to kiss and finger each other. We came, both of us at the same time , then got into a 69 , cumming again a few minutes later ! We both spent the rest of the weekend licking each other to many orgasims . Now we get together all the time while watching the big TV !

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-Submitted October 21, 2006

So far in my life I have considered myself straight I was always totally obsesing over guys but then when I had some girl friends over for a slumber party on my birthday I found myself thinking about my friend Kimmy in a sexual way. Thinking about what she would look like with no cloths on how it would feel if I kissed her and its really confusing me. My friend is bisexual and I started thinking about how things would be if we were together and imagining us kissing at school in frount of everyone and I kind of like the idea. On one hand I would be perfectly fine dating girls but I really like guys and im afraide of how my friends would react if I was bisexual or a lesbian some of my friends have sayed they have wondered what it would be like to do it with a girl so I am confused is this normal hormone stuff or is it me becomeing Bisexual.

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-Submitted November 22, 2006
Sex Problems

I was sitting on my couch one night , totally naked and fingering my pus when the door bell rang just as I was about to explode . I was so wet as I quickly put on my housecoat to answer the door . It was one of my good friends and she was very upset about her husband whom she just had a fight with about sex ! She asked if she could come in and stay a while , so I said yes ! We sat down and talked for a while about her and her sex problems. She said that she has tried to be as sexy as she could be , even having sex with other people , 3 somes as she put it ! We both kissed and hugged each other as my housecoat fell open , showing off my shaved pussy ! She loved my shaved pus and we continued to kiss each other as I got wet again when she said she wanted to take a shower and shaved too . I help her shave and it was a real turn on for me as we took a shower together ! We both kiss each other very passionitly , then went into the bedroom and lick each other all over , cumming many times . We both get together almost every night and we kiss a have sex together . She has no more sex problems that I know about ! We have become real good friends with each other !!!

-Submitted December 5, 2006
me and ma best m8

hey everyone, well my best mate had a sleepover 2 weeks ago, and she started tell me she had feeling for me, and I had feeling for her anyway, well we started kissing, I lay her down, and lay on her kissing her working my way donw to her tight wet pussy, I started by kissing her tummy, and shoving my finger up her lil hole, she was moading so loud I thought her mum and step dad would walk in, I kept my finger in and started licking her clit in light circles, and sucking it aswell, she lifted her head and flipped us over then she payed me back and did the same for me, we didnt hear the door open but, later we saw he step dad standing infront of us, with a huge bulge in his boxers, we stoped on each other and just layed down side by side, naked, her step dad climbed on the bed and started to lick and finger us, then started to bang me hard, I could feel his cock so big inside me I thought I was going to faint, I looked to the side of me and saw his sucking my best mates clit, we finished be me sucking his huge cock and my best mate fingering me. it was the best night of my life and im going round hers again for the night this week end for some more fun !!!. luv ya all xoxox rachel xoxox

-Submitted December 5, 2006
In love

My girlfriend and I are very close . We talk about our sex lives and even share masturbation stories that really turn us on . When we are alone we get naked and masturbate together almost every week , sometimes twice . Last month she came over and we both got out our new vibs , then she took off her clothes as did I and started to masturbate together while watching a great porno of two women in a 69 with each other . I got very wet when she said that looks like fun , then kissed me as she fingered my clit making me moan . I was so hot and horny as I too fingered her clit , then continued to kiss , sucking each other's lips ! We both shave our pussies , which is a real turn on for me . I love my pussy bare , drives me wild as my husband and boyfriends lick me ! I have had lots of men lick me but never a women . I was so hot that I grabbed her head and made her suck my clit . She made me cum 3 times in just a few minutes before I rolled over and took her too , making her cum also . We continued to 69 each other for over an hour , cumming many times , wow what a turn on ! We both went upstairs and took a shower together , kissing each other the whole time, she is a great kisser ! I never knew a woman could kiss so great as we dried off each other then slipped under the covers of my bed , fingering each other's clits while we both continued to kiss very passionitly . My husband came home from his afternoon shift and caught us together when we both were in a 69 ! He was very mad that I love girls too , but I did not care what he was thinking , I was on fire , woman are good lovers too I told him as he left the house ! She really turns me on and we both are great friends and lovers too ! She moved in with me last week to help pay the rent as my husband left for another woman . We both sleep together , naked and we both shower together too ! She is such a great lover and a great kisser too ! I have never been so happy with a woman before , men should be like woman , gental and good kisser's ! I think we are really in love , I know we are !

-Submitted December 23, 2006
High School

I'm now graduated.I have one experienced with my girlfriend when we were both sophmores.We were both in the same class,which was not a very good class.We always go to the labs together.We just loved going anywhere together even when we're not in school. Months later was my school's sports day.I participated and she came to watch.Early that evening,she texted me and told me that I did a great job because I won all silver for all 3 events I participated in.We talked for a very long time and finally it came to an end when I asked if she would be my girlfriend.She told me that she wanted a day to think about it and so I gave her.The day after,I texted her again and asked if she could give me a better answer.It took her very long to answer and I thought I was going to give up but no,she replied me with a YES.I asked if she's serious about the relationship I wanted with her and again she said YES.I was very happy and at that moment,I was speechless.I was too happy. We went out quite a lot.She really turned with whatever she told me,ways she stared at me and stuff. I told myself I wanted to do things with her.When school dismissed,we both stayed back and spent most of our times together holding each others hands and playing with ourselves.I loved her a lot.I couldn't stand,so I hugged her and kissed her hard.Everything was so unexpected.I never knew such things would happened.We continued until our parents came to pick us up.And all of that continued for 3 months. I was very happy to have her but one day,she started to ignore me.I was wondering and had stupid thoughts in me asking why would she do that to me.Finally,I couldn't hide it,so I texted her and asked what happened.She told me she got bored of me and asked to break up.I was speechless,totally.I got shocked because I love her too much.I cried for days,months.I didn't really know what was going on that she could get bored of me. I don't understand till now,I am still confused why would she do that to me.I tried asking her back for a several times,but she refused.I can't forget her and what had happened.I love her a lot and she had been a part of my life. One thing that broke me down is she told my friend that she regretted loving a person like me who would actually cry a lot for her.And she said I don't worth her time. I want her back.

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-Submitted December 29, 2006
Remote fun

I previously wrote in the female masturbation section about my husband getting me a butterfly type vibrator to wear that he could control with with a remote. I took it to work with me and would use it during the day to break up the boredom getting myself worked up at my desk repeatedly until I had to go to the restroom to finish myself off. I got daring one day and turned it on during a department meeting in the conference room. It was so much more exciting with all the people around. I was going to finish myself off in the restroom on the way back to my cube but accidentally turned it on while putting it back in my purse as I ran into a young girl from our department. She hung by me apologizing and walked with me as I went to the restroom but in the hallway my orgasm overtook me and had to lean against the wall. I tried to sneak into my purse to turn it off but got a second orgasm before it would turn off. I made the excuse that I was having hot flashes (I am almost 40 though I still look quite young) and went into a stall to clean up but she followed me to make sure I was alright. I decided to flush my skimpy panties down the toilet so as not to carry the smell of me around and cleaned up with toilet paper before coming back out. When I came out she was standing there with a grin on her face and felt really emabarrassed thinking she might know what really happened. My suspicians were true as she questioned me about what happened and what did I have in my purse giving me the 3rd degree. I was on the defensive and she managed to get me to confess. She got into my purse and found the remote and then turned it on causing me to jump. It felt good and exciting having her take control and the vibrations quickly getting me worked up again. She made me lift my dress to show her what I was wearing while it was still on and then cupped my crotch with her hand to feel the vibrations and my shaved pubic area. She just looked me in the eye and felt me up pressing the vibrating butterfly against me more firmly. Her other hand held the remote. I had to lean back against the counter as my orgasm approched but then she turned it off. Oh I like this she said excitedly. Unless you want me to email everyone about this little toy of yours you're going to have to do as I say. I was trapped. I was also scared but mostly I was very excited. This 20 yr. old was going to take advantage of me, old enough to be her mother. She had me take off my bra and put it in my purse and then she had me walk in front of her to the break room. There were a few other girls in there and she had me get us both a cup of coffee and we sat across from each other at a table, me with my back to the door and the rest of the room and her in the corner. She told me how she was going to have some fun with this and that she was a lesbian and new how to please a woman. She then turned it on again. She described to my how my face was turning red and my nipples started to polk out more. I was fidgeting all around getting edgy. She handed me a napkin. You better tuck this in between your legs and get a stack of them to take back to your desk. You're going to need them later. I actually thanked her for that sparing me getting my dress all wet where I was leaking. I looked around and tucked up my dress between my legs without drawing attention. She then cranked it up (it has 3 speeds) and I had the urge to move my hips back and forth in the chair. She just grinned saying This is great! She hit the 3rd speed and I grabbed the table with both hands trying not to cum but it was no use and I felt the contractions and involuntarily jerked my hips a few times. She turned it off and let me recover saying Good one! and We better go back to the restroom for a minute. I just went along with her. We finished our coffee and I was able to retrieve the wet napkin from between my legs and throw it out on the way out. We went to the restroom and she had me get in the last stall following me in and having me sit. She removed her panties and lifted her skirt showing me her neatly trimmed pubic area. I'm so hot! she whispered Now get busy and get me off! I was hot too and the idea of it excited me. I wasn't experienced by any means but used my fingers and hands and finally my mouth and tongue on her to bring her to orgasm. She said I was good and it didn't taste too bad but the best part was watching her orgasm and feeling her contractions around my inserted thumb while I licked her clitoris. I could better appreciate the lesbian experience. We went back to our desks and being only a cube away she kept me on edge with the remote until lunch. We went to sandwich shop where she repeatedly teased me close to orgasm. I went through quite a few napkins that day and had to empty my own trash because I could smell myself. In the afternoon we had to take a break together and she got me again in the break room. I had to satisfy her orally again too. She called me to her desk near quitting time and discretely put her hand up my dress to feel my wet vagina. I like you like this. she said as she felt all around me there with her fingers. We'll have to get together this weekend some time. I've come to love her in spite of the way she blackmailed me into the relationship. My husband doesn't know because we keep it looking like a great friendship and she respects my marriage. Our trips to the mall are more daring then the ones my husband dreams up but I have come to love them both. I sometimes feel like a slut but the sex has never been better.

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-Submitted January 1, 2007
Best friends

My best friend and I use to kiss a lot , just for fun , teasing each other as we took showers together and shaving each others legs and pussies . We even masturbated together and each other , cumming many times . Once we even got into a 69 with each other when we were 18 years old , what a night that was ! I have never cum that much since last year when we got together now that we are both married and have kids , lots of them ! She has two boys and a girl and I have four girls ! Last year we got together for some old times at her place and no one was home as her husband had taken the kids to his parents for the weekend far away . She started the night with popcorn and a movie about sex , I was so horny watching these two woman make out that I kiss my best friend and fingered her clit through her panties , which were very wet , under her pj's ! We both ripped off our pj's and got into a 69 , sucking each other's clits ! She is so gental as she makes me cum over and over and I did the same for her . We made love all night and into the next day with out sleeping ! Now we get together all the time , almost every weekend ! I love her and she loves me , maybe we get married ??

-Submitted February 20, 2007
a sexual encounter

Recently, I was staying at a hotel attending a business-related conference. I am a single, curvaceous brunette, with particularly shapely slim legs. I am a lesbian who has just exited from a long- term relationship. One evening, I was feeling especially horny and decided to go for a drink at the hotel bar in the hope of finding female companionship. I dressed fetchingly with killer high heel shoes, black fishnet stockings and a very tight, short black skirt. I wore a low-cut semi-transparent red blouse that showed off my well- developed breasts and exposed my aroused and erected nipples plainly through the transparency. I deliberately sat down at the bar next to a beautiful blond girl who, evidently, had been drinking for some time, and who also was showing an enormous amount of sexually attractive leg. I had already noted that she had brushed off a few men who tried to make advances.

We began a conversation, but that did not go very far because my new companion was already pretty inebriated and kept losing the thread of our conversation. However, I noted that she kept eying my legs and that she began to edge closer to me until our naked thighs were pressed against each other. I asked her if she had ever had a relationship with a female and she replied that she was a lesbian. I told her that I was, and that I was looking for a companion for sex that evening. Her hand lowered itself onto my thigh and her fingers began to stroke and caress my upper leg, sliding up my skirt, that had already ridden up as I crossed and recrossed my legs in sexual excitement. I could feel my pussy aroused and already soaked with sex juices and I could see my breasts swollen with excitement and my nipples fully aroused and pushing against my blouse. My hand lowered itself onto her thigh to find that her legs were stretched apart to make it easy for me to move upwards under her skirt to locate her aroused honey-pot. My fingers stroked up and down her outer pussy- lips, feeling their swelling and evident sexual arousal. My fingers moved to her inner pussy- lips just as I felt her fingers move to my own pussy and begin to play with me in an extremely aggressive fashion. Two fingers immediately penetrated my inner lips and found their way to my swollen clitoris. They began to massage my clit and to flick against it, bringing me very quickly almost to the point of no return. My fingers followed suit and plunged into her honey-pot which by now was running with sex juices and completely open and begging for more attention than my fingers could properly provide. 'I want you to give me oral sex', my companion begged. 'I want you to lick and suck my pussy and to eat out my honey-pot. Please suck my clit. My clit is desperate for a release from this incredible sexual arousal'. We both realized that we needed more than we could give and receive at the bar and I guided her from her bar stool towards the door. As we exited the bar she was stroking and squeezing my breasts and nipples and my hand was stroking and squeezing her left buttock in the most lascivious manner. Clearly a night of unbridled sex lay before us... to be continued....

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-Submitted March 14, 2007
a sexual encounter 2


My new female sex partner and I left the hotel bar touching and stroking each other very in a very suggestive manner. In the elevator, going to my bedroom, we became more open and more aggressive. My friend lifted my blouse and began to lick and suck my exposed and extremely aroused nipples, as I lifted her skirt to feel up her pussy lips. By this time, we would not have noticed if anyone had seen us. We were completely focused on sex.

When we were safely in the room, we fell upon each other in a frenzy of sexual arousal. We stripped each other of our clothes and cuddled naked on the bed. Her breasts, I discovered were larger than mine, firm and uplifted, but very swollen with sexual excitement, as were mine. At first we simply stroked and squeezed each other's breasts whispering how good they felt and how lucky we were to have found each other. Then our hands slipped down to each other's pussy lips and gently stroked and massaged each other's swollen mounds. 'Please lick and suck me' moaned my lover, 'I need oral sex so badly. I never get enough'.

First my hungry lips and tongue moved to her breasts and nipples, my mouth squeezing each breast in turn, while my tongue licked and massaged each nipple into an absolutely enormous erection. Once I knew that she was completely aroused, I slowly moved my mouth and tongue down every inch of her body, sucking and licking her belly button for some time, while sensing that my lover was squeezing her legs to satisfy the craving of her pussy lips. I deliberately took my time, knowing that her state of arousal, as was my own was increasing with every moment that passed.

Then I became aware that my lover's hands had slipped downwards and that she was shamelessly and openly masturbating her pussy while my tongue worked its way downwards. 'Lick my pussy, please lick my pussy', she groaned, writhing in the ecstasy of complete sexual arousal. Finally, my mouth lowered downwards and foud her pussy. As she moaned and groaned with excitement, my tongue slowly slid up and down each outer lip and my mouth became soaked in her sex juices that were freely flowing from her honey pot. Eagerly I swallowed her love juices as my tongue moved inwards to slide up and down between her sex soaked inner lips. Slowly, my tongue began to part her lips and to slide in and out of her honey pot, deliberately not reaching to her clitoris, which was now clearly aroused and erected and completely exposed from its shelter.

Finally, my tongue went for her clit, licking it, sucking it, and flicking against it while my mouth continued to squeeze her outer and inner lips. 'Faster, faster, please faster, moaned my lover, I am right at the edge of no return. Give me release from this arousal, I desperately need release. Please suck me out'. My tongue moved faster and faster against her clit, until finally I felt a surge of electricity sweep through her body and I heard her crying with ecstasy. Suddenly, her love juices absolutely spurted in a great flow from her pussy and my mouth eagerly licked them up and drank them as my reward for taking her beyond the point of return.Even with all my licking and swollowing, the bed sheets were saturated with her sex juices.

Of course, by now, I was aching with extreme sexual arousal and was in desperate need of sexual attention from my lover. What happened then I shall outline later.

to be continued

-Submitted March 15, 2007
How I Do It

Hey guys! How I mastrubate is I get my pjs on and I always get in my office chair in front of the computer and get a big blanket to go over me (even though noones home I still do it anyways) then I o to a website that turns me on like this one the I take off my pj pants slowly so I get aroused then I spread my legs as wide as I can and slowly rub my pussy over my panties then I keep doing that untill I find a story that REALLY arouses me and I rub harder and harder then I slide off my soaking panties and shove my fingers in and out of my pussy then I softly moan and sqeeze my eyes shut while I raise my legs in to the air and rub harder and faster then I have an orgasm!!!!! It feels SO good!!

Just reading these stories gets me wet and riht now I gotta go rub myself!!!!!!!!!!!! So byebyebye... FOR NOW THAT IS!! Cause I'll be back with another juicy story!!!!!!!!!

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-Submitted March 30, 2007
first experience

My first experience with another female was only one year ago.I knew long before that,that I wanted badly to lie with another female and have wild passionate sex.....but to make my story short, no man can ever make me cum like she did.I ask her to get on her knees and she did ,I then arched my hips forward and asked her to gently flick her tongue back and forth on my clit, she did,i began hunching back and forth as my hands held the sides of her head..i then asked her to suck my clit gently as I hunched back and forth..slowing hunching as she gently sucked,..i didn't want this to end..but it did and within 5 mins I wanted more....this time she lay on her back on the bed,..i straddled her face and ask her to lick my clit..i was getting so aroused I was hunching while she sucked my large clit..it felt so good,i was begging don't stop..suck my clit baby,,oh baby suck it good..i came with violent spasmatic throbs over and over...sucking the clit is what it's all about,not to roughly,but gently sucking and hunching..it feels so good...and oh yes..i repeated the same with her and she went franticly wild with pleasure.

-Submitted April 2, 2007
Braiding hair

I always had my hair down. Never in a certain style. I looked for someone to do my hair but they all charged to much. I walked down my street one afternoon. As I saw this beautiful young women still in her teens. Like I was. She was watering the grass. I asked her who did her hair? She said I did. I asked her could she do mine and how much would it cost? As I was checking out every inch of her body. Just thinking if she was doing the same. She said since I was a neighbor she wouldnt charge me. She gave me her number. In order for me to call her when I was ready to get my hair done. That night I called her and I asked if she could do my hair the next afternoon. She said yes. I went down to her house. As I set in between her legs on the floor as she began to braid my hair I began to get wet of the thought of me just turning the opposite way and licking her clit. Some how we came on the topic of her having a gay male friend and how cool she was with him. She than said I would like to have a lesbian friend. I said I gotta tell you something. But there were to many ears. So when she got done we went up stairs to the bathroom so I could see my hair. I hugged her and told her I loved it and thank you. I than told her that I was bisexual and I was very attracted to her. She than kissed me and told me she was attracted to me too. She also said she never had a lesbian experience,and this would be a first. I set her down on the toliet as I kissed her neck. Making her moan away. I than shut the door. Than I frenched kissed her and moved my hand up and down her leg teasing her. I than took off her shirt and her braw,and began to kiss every inch of her chest. I kissed and sucked her stomach. I moved down to her lower stomach. I slowly took her pants off and kissed her thieghs as I massaged her clit. I than saw how wet her panties were so I sucked her clit through her panties wanting to suck and taste every last drop. She also returned the favor. She is now my girlfriend. Her guy friends and my guy friends always ask when are we goin to give them a threesome. But I just want her to my self.

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-Submitted April 9, 2007
My very horny day

So it all all started on the way home from work. I had recently been checking out the guys and I was a little turned on. Well anyways I was on the way home and I saw two girls fingiring each other and laughing in the car. Then they start to make out. At this time my juices were flowing like a river! On my car(really old) the steering wheel vibrates alot so I slowly unbutton my pants and push my throbbing pussy on to it. Right on the the verge of exploding I stop because if a cumed then I would crash.So I kept driving. The smell was incredible and the wetness on the wheel turned me on even more. When I got home I imediatly got on the shower and started up the shower head. It was the master bath so my parents had a tempature and pressure regulator on it. You can just imagine how worked up I got on it almost exploding but stoping again. I went through pay per view and found lesbian programming. Right when I was about to start I heard the door bell so thinking the worst I got dressed again. When I got the door it was my two best friends Lavanyah and britney. They had beer and liquer in hand and asked me whats up then they told me my panties were showing (and they were soaking wet from the fluids!).(im gonna skip the conversation because it took a long time to tell them about me mastubating). So once they were drunk off there ass(mee too) I went upstairs and unpaused the tv and ripped off my clothes and so did they. We walked around naked for a while checking each each other out(walking around naked turned me on so much I kinda felt a replica feeling of orgasm becuase of lavanyahs nice (not black) but heavily tanned body and brittneys perfect latino body) So after a few minutes of the movie there was sex already on the screen of a threesome.I Being naughty siad it would be nuaghty and irrisponsible of us to be watching this but a threesome sounds like fun. So we started finguring eachother and licking eachother. We got into a doggy stlyes position the end of the chain got my old dildo which was broken so everytime I masturbated it was a different experience. Apperently it was going crazy and I could feel it one butt away. So we all got worked up about who got it so we got into a daisy chain and passed it around. We did it for almost a whole day continuing from last night until the hangovers started to come. But the smell of are sweat (achohol) aroused us enough to start licking again but then lavanyah and britney had to go home(i hope they didnt ditch me for more fun!) SO..anyways you could imagine the cleanup. The bedroom sheets were soaked all the way to the core matress. The smell was unimaginable (turned me on again)and there was alchohol everywhere(bottles)and the tv is kinds wet from our ejaculations that reached it(yes it was that good) and since my parents will be home soon I had to clean up the shower (clothes were strewn across and the bath left water line on the tub probably from my juices)I am getting exceptionaly horny right now and around the part in the story when I told you about the cleanup I called brit and lavanyah and to bring some sexy clothes and rum or something. Well I hope I gave you people a good warmer upper but this story is true! Hugs and kisses(and licks maybe),Ashley =P

-Submitted May 21, 2007
How we discoered the fun

This happened many years ago but we still enjoy it. My sis and I are two years apart and have always bathed and slept together so there was no secret about our bodies. One school play had a song in it about jeanie with the light blonde hair. which ws the theme song. A few weeks later we were laying in bed after lights out and that song came up and I was teasing Jeanie (which is her name) about having no hair as I had a fair light bush. We were teasing each other but had not put any PJs on yet when she began feeling of my pussy and the inside of my thighs remarking about how smooth they were and I returned the favor by feeling of hers running my hands all the way up to her pussy. Soon we were laying 69 to give better access and were enjoying the closeness when and the light massage when she laid her head on my left thigh and said I smelled good and brought her lips close and kissed me right on my pussy. It shocked me and for meanness I kissed her on her pussy. I didn't know about her but it gave me as strange exciting feeling and I kissed her again and she did me too. For the next few minutes we kissed each other over and again unti both of us were wet and the perfume smelled so great that I stuck my tongue out and licked Jeanie and she let out a small gasp and started licking my pussey and I couldnt help but lick hers harder and stuck my tongue out and got it in her hole as far as it would go. For the next hour or so we licked and stuck out tongues in as far as they would go until my hips began to shake and I guess I had my first orgasm. After I aly there a few minutes catching my breath I went to work on Jeanie and soon she has the hip shaking reaction. We had both enjoyed the experience so much that after we had rested a few minutes we went for each other again and again for the rest of the night. Mothere wondered why we were sort of groggy for breakfast but we just said we had talked too late. That morning when we went to pee it burned a little but that feeling soon left and that afternoon when mother went for groceries we strippped off and got in few more sessions as we couldn't wait for bedtime. We kept it our secret unti the next sleepover party where we showed four other girls the wonders. In about a year we had some boys over but that is another story for later.

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-Submitted July 2, 2007
pussy juice

I remember the first time I ever had lesbian sex was when I was 11 years old. I went to my friend's house. We were just laying down on her bed , watching tv, when she suddenly jumped on top of me and started wrestling. We rolled around in the bed for a while un til we hit the wall with our sides. Then she started humping my pussy harshly. Her huge black ass would rise up into the air and then slam down really hard, making our clits smack against eachother. I then grabbed her butt cheeks roughly with my hands, the force making them spread apart, and I would slam her harder against me. We were slamming our pussies together really fast when we decided we should take our clothes of to make it feel better. After we ripped off each others clothes, she ordered me to open my dripping wet pussy lips. She then open her own a layed her clit directly on top of mine. She started rubbing up and down slowly, but then her rubs turned into a vicious sloppy pound and rub. Her pussy lips would slide in between mine, creating squelching noises. She then would rub her clit in circles on mine and then hump vigourisly up in down. That was the best and first orgasm of my life. After that, I would go to her house to rub pussies everyday.

-Submitted July 24, 2007
First Time

I have always been sporty, and for a while I trained to run marathons and used a gym, this was before gym attendance was popular so I went training and swimming with a workmate, who was a keen netball player. We soon became familiar with each other naked, and I often thought what she would be like. one night I found out, we had been running and had been caught in a heavy downpour, rather than drive home soaking wet, I showered at her flat. We were cold and as we stripped off she was staring at my erect nipples, its the cold I said, she moved to feel them and I didn't stop her, her touch on my breasts was soft as she cupped them, we kissed as we explored each others bodies and moved to the shower where we soaped each other,we were both very wet between our legs, and horny. She got out a vibrator and asked could she use it on me, I was naive and had never used one before, but she expertly found my little clit and brought me off in minutes, she then stroked and licked me to another orgasm. I then attended to her needs, she was so wet, it took 4 fingers to fill her, but I found hger clit too and for the only time in my life brought another woman to a climax, well 3 climax's actually.

-Submitted June 24, 2010
First Time

My first and pretty much only time with a girl occurred when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I was with my friend who was a year or so older than me and we were downstairs in my room while our moms were upstairs watching a movie. I don't quite remember what prompted her, but all of the sudden she started rubbing my breasts (or whatever they were at that time) and asked me to do the same to her. Then, through my pajamas, she started massaging my vagina. It felt very good and I started to lose control of my hips and began humping her hands. I didn't know what to do so I just started doing the same to her. She tossed her head back and propped herself up on her elbows and told me it felt amazing and to keep going, so I did even harder. Unfortunately, her mother called her upstairs to leave because the movie had ended. We had a few times since then where we would watch each other masturbate, but nothing too serious ever came of it. We are both straight with boyfriends now!

-Submitted August 12, 2010
Beach Holiday

Last summer I decided to take a vacation to just get away by myself, and I booked a small beach cottage in an out of the way ocean side resort. Mostly I just wanted some peace and quiet. The cottages were pretty much no frills, and I delighted in getting out and walking along the almost deserted beach the first day. On the second day I met the woman who had rented to corrage not far from mine. Her name was Jill. She was fifty-two, an English teacher who had been divorced for five years. She was quite attractive, rather full- figured. The two of us got talking as we strolled the beach. Really just talking about things in general. I was twenty-five, not married, worked for a financial firm. She was a teacher, liked her profession...just things like that. On the third day we went into town and had lunch together, which we both enjoyed, returned, and went out to spend the rest of the afternoon on the beach. When dinner time came, we had a snack at her cottage and shared a glass of wine. Both of us still in our rather modest one-piece swimsuits, but delighting in our being uninhibited enough to do that. I suppose the glass of wine helped, because we were laughing and enjoying ourselves, and being a little more girl- palsie than either of us might have otherwise been. We laughed about that too, finding it amusing and teasing. Especially since it was just vthe two of us, and there was no one else there. Being quite deliberately silly about it, we did a small kiss one the lips, and giggled about that and how daring we were being. Just for fun, she gave my small right breast a little squeeze through my swimsuit. Well, going along with it, I gave her far more ample breast a feel through her swimsuit, and complimented her on what lovely large breasts she had. She said how she wished that her breasts were not quite so large, and I said how I had always wished that mine were just a little bit bigger. She said how lucky I was, and complained about how heavy her breasts were. Which to me had not seemed that way, although she pointed out that I had felt them with the support of her bswimsuit. Pulling at the straps, she offered to bare her breasts and let me see for myself. With the top of her suit down, I went ahead and handled her full breasts, surprised that they were quite weighty. Giggling, she went ahead and tugged down the front of my suit to feel my bare breasts. We were both delighted with our female playfulness, and the idea that we might as well be naked seemed quite appealing to both of us. We slipped off our suits, poured another glass of wine, and toasted to our teasing fun. Another kiss seemed appropriate, and this time we were far less shy it allowing it to be quite full and romantic. Our hands were caressing each other's arms, and then each other's breasts. As we continued to kiss, our tongues started to become involved, and our passion was becoming quite unchecked. I felt her hand working its way down between my thighs. Her fingers finding my clit, which was quite aroused. I let my right hand slip down too, my fingers going through her tangle of pubic hair to stimulate her. In moments we were both moaning and breathing hard, without excuse, masturbating each other to a marvelous orgasm. Afterward I think that we were both feeling a little self- conscious for having gotten so carried away. Still, we admitted that it had been wonderful, really. The next day we spent together. At first avoiding talking about what we had done or about anything even remotely sexual. As the day wore on, however, it seemed silly to avoid the subject of our mutual enjoyment, so we started talking about that. Shyly at first, then discussing how there was nothing wrong with our enjoying that, if we both felt like it. Which we did. Back at her cottage, we were out of our swimsuits and naked together for the second time. It was even more wonderful than the first time. Much more passionate and romantic. We kissed and touched as unashamed lovers, and this time we managed to have oral sex with one another. Or rather, at the same time. For ther rest of that afternoon we drove each other practically crazy with our hands and tongues and mouths, and we enjoyed numerous orgasms. Quite gloriously we spent the next two weeks enjoying barefoot strolls on the beach, loving kisses, and passionate sex. Neither of us were prepared to declare ourselves to be lesbians. Yet, our enjoyment and delight in female companionship was unbelievably liberating. Since then we have remained in touch, and we have been talking about having another shared vacation. Something definitely for the two of us to look foreward to!

-Submitted October 4, 2007
Hot bathroom in China

I am a 22-year-old chinese girl, like many chinese girls of my age,

I'm still a virgin. I have never been in love before since I find the

boys around me not attractive,my friends often consider me to be a

Lesbian. I'm the kind of girl that easily get horny,and I masturbate on a

regular basis,each time I read this site, I feel real hot and get wet

soon. I have a crush on boys between 13-19,they're so innocent and

always horny too, I know they masturbate more often than me, I hope the

hot stories on this site are real,cus I like touching my clit while

reading all this. Last week was still hot in SouthChina though in Autumn, I went

swimming with 2 other girls.When I left my dorm I was in such a hurry

that I forgot to bring the liquid soap and shampoo. After swimming we

had to take a shower before leaving. We three were shocked when entering

the bathroom, there were no doors, no hanging, just many shower places. All women were naked taking a shower, oh it turned me on like hell. One

of my friends took off her swimming costume, I was terribly horny when I

saw her naked, her nipples were pink, not big breast but very nice

shape. I envy her so much since most asian girls have just brown nipples

and that's not good-looking. I turned around to take off my costume too,

avoiding to see her hot body, a while later I had to borrow her shampoo

since I had forgotten mine. I turned around to find her using her

shampoo at the same time, I waited, a lil embarrassed. I looked at her

crotch, wow, real flaming. She had so few pubic hair and the skin was

smooth like silk. I couldn't bear it, I was all wet and hot. I took the

shampoo and went on washing, the bathroom was full of girls and women, I

was so afraid that someone would find me weird and consider me to be a


I faced the wall and finished washing, getting dressed , fighting in my

mind. I never found my friend to be so flaming, she always dressed in

black, being boyish and cool, yet has an attrative figure. We took a bus back to college. I fantasied her making love with a guy

since she had a BF. Later, Rumor was everywhere that she was being pursued by a

Lesbian,more shocking, that Lesbian was my good friend too, hell, I

knew nothing 'bout her sexual orientation. I know she IS right now. NO

boys or no girls can resist such a hot figure.

When I masturbate, I have a new fantasy now. But I dont't think I'm a

Les. I like both hot guys and girls, it's just human nature. Being a

daughter of a very traditional family, I'll remain a virgin till my

marriage. Maybe I like girls too,but I'll never tell anyone.

-Submitted October 9, 2007
My first

First of all I would like to say that story is about my first, and so far my only lesbian experience. I have always been into guys, and have never even thought of another woman sexually before. You can always look at a person of the same sex and know if they're hot or not, without it being sexual. At first this is how I thought of my brother's girlfriend, Ruthie. She is a senior in high school while I'm a sophmore in college. She's a hot blonde with very fulfilling breasts, a flat stomach, long legs, and the best ass I've ever seen.

My feelings first started for her while I masturbated. When I masturbate I do so in front of a mirror so I can watch myself. I know I'm hot, and it's a real turn on for me. I have the biggest boobs of anyone I know (Double D's), and nice thick thighs. I love to play with my boobs and suck my nipples until I'm really horny, and then I finish myself off with my fingers. I normaly think of hot guys while masturbating, but a few weeks after I became friends with Ruthie I began to think of her. I knew she was straight and my fantasies of her would never become true, but a girl could still dream.

A week ago I got a call at my parent's house which I stay at on the weekends when I come home from college. It was Ruthie wanting to know if my brother was there; I told her that I was the only one there and that he was out with his buddies, and my parents were out too, but she was free to come over and hang out with me if she liked. She said she would, and when she arrived I realized if I had any chace of having her this was it. So I asked her how things were going with my brother and she said fine. I then asked if she was really serious with him, or was it just a little fling. Instead of answering she asked me if I could keep a secret, and I said whatever she said would never leave the room. Her secret was that she wasn't even sure that she was in to guys, and it made my heart skip a beat. I asked her if she was a lesbian; she said she didn't know she had never been with a woman before because she wasn' t sure how she would be looked upon. I asked her if a girl came along and offered a sexual experience would she be for it. She said it was according to who it was, and I said how about me. At first she thought I was making fun of her, but after one look at my face she knew I was dead serious.

I montioned for her to come near as I took off my bra from under my shirt. She straddle me as I popped by boobs out the top of my shirt. Ruthie massaged my titties and made my pussy soak through my panties. She then started sucking on my nipples until they were as hard as they have ever been. I thought I was going to cum before she even touched my pussy, but finally she asked if I ready to get completely naked. I removed all my clothes and spread my legs for her. She started out with just her fingers parting my lips and playing with my labia while lightly breathing on my clitoris. I came once and she started using her mouth. She flicked my clit with her tounge while moving her fingers in and out of my vagina. She then began to suck on my pussy making a loud sluping noise as she drank my juices as I came again. She lifted up and kissed me and I sucked my fluids off her lips and from her tounge. The taste was sweet and made me crave her her pussy even more.

I told her I couldn't wait any longer, and she peeled off all her clothes. We were both butt naked and there was no turning back, and I hadn't ever been as horny in my whole life than I was in that moment. I drew her body near me and posistioned my face at her pussy. I parted her lips and began to suck on her labia. After sucking her labia and swallowing her juices, I began to rub her clit in a fast, tight circle. I used my tounge to go in and out of her vagina. She began to orgasm and her moans increased, her breathing got heavy, and her back arched. I had to grab her smooth thighs to keep her on the couch. After a little more licking I lifted up and kissed her letting her taste her juices as she did for me.

After we were done kissing I asked Ruthie if she wanted to get into the 69 posistion so I could lick both her holes because her ass was so great. She said great so we got up to reposistion, and for the first time I got a look at the couch. The cushions were soaked; I knew we were both wet but I had no idea we could have produced so much. We turned over the cushions to hide the stains, and I ran to get a towel and laid it out on the floor. I got on the bottom and Ruthie got on top. When we were ajusted I grabbed her ass cheeks I'm my hands for the first time. There was so much meat, and they were so soft that I was in heaven. I spanked her ckeeks firmly and she gave out a little yelp with each one. With her butt still in my hands I began to lick the rim of her hole. After I was done I sucked on her ass cheeks until she had multiple hickies on each one. I moved on to her pussy and we brought each other to climax at the almost the same. After more sucking I would have wished anything in the world to keep that moment going.

But from the window I saw head lights winding up our (thankfuly long) driveway. I told Ruthie to grab all her clothes because someone was coming. I grabbed my things and the towel we were on, and ran to my room and put on my clothes as fast as I could. When we were done we ran to the living room and turned on the TV and acted like we were deeply interested in the show that was on. When they came in the door and settled down, and a few minutes passed I had calmed down a little, but I was still horny as hell. I had an idea and told my parents that before they came in, Ruthie and I were about to go hot on our deck and lounge around in the hot tub. They said to go right ahead, so me and Ruthie headed to my room to get some bikinis. I had to let Ruthie wear one of my bikinis because she hadn't brought one of her own. As we changed the nervous excitment started to fill the room again. When we had our bikinis on we put old t-shirts on over them because we thought it would be hot. We headed out back and turned the hot tub on high so the bubbles made it impossible to see through the water. As soon as we were both in the water under the cover of bubbles we removed our bikini bottoms and the fun continued.

We found two jets beside one another and let them pulse our pussies while each of us played with one another. I spread open Ruthie's lips so the water would go deeper in her vagina with one hand, and fingered her other hole with my other hand. While I moved my finger in and out of of Ruthie's butt, Ruthie rubbed my my clit and fingered me with her hands. Both of our nipples were poking out through our bikinis and wet t-shirts (which were hot as hell) as we each had about three more orgasms. As the time was becoming late we drew our fun to an end. We dried off and Ruthie got dressed and was about to leave, but before she left we had one last kiss. Out tounges were as far down the other throat as possible until we finally broke it off. Ruthie left me with one great bit of information befor she got in her car and drove away. She said that this Saturday she was going to have the house to herself if I wanted to drop by. Of corse I agreed, and I will be sure to tell about how it went, and it will will only take about one short week, but until then good-bye.

-Submitted November 6, 2007
Foot Fetish and Grinding

My girlfriend and I are both 20 years old, and we both have a crazy foot fetish. We love watching sapphic Erotica, and anything Viv Thomas. Anyways, we were getting really horny a few days ago and started to make out. We were passionately kissing, and we were both humping eachother's groins. We were both wearing flip flops, and we parted our lips and I went to her cute little feet. I am a size 6, and she is a size 7.5. We both have cute little toes (thankfully neither of us has that ugly longer 2nd toe hehehe). I took off her sandal, and started to devour her hot little toes and her foot. As I was sucking her feet and toes like there was no tomorrow, she lay down as started sucking mine. We worshiped each other's feet for a good 5-6 minutes, but we were getting way too wet. So we stripped off, and got into a scissor position grinding our wet sloppy pussies together. As we humped our pussies together, we both grabbed each others legs, and again had our feet in our mouths. We were grinding our pussies together like crazy and we were both ready to climax as the humping sensation together with the passion of sucking each other's toes started to boil over. I pulled my pussy away from hers, and took my foot and started to give her a footjob. I put my entire foot in her huge pussy, and at the same time she got her big toe in mine (Mine is too small for her whole foot). We gave each other footjobs for another 5-6 minutes.....but....we needed to finish each other off, so I mounted her leg and humped it furiously as she humped mine. The juices were pouring all over our thighs and groins. With all the panting and moaning, we managed to cum at virtually the same time. It was an AMAZING orgasm. We then fingered each other a little bit, and kind of 69'd into more toe sucking. Both our feet were so red with hickies it was crazy! We would have to wear socks for the rest of the week:(.

Next time we're gonna wrestle DWW style, and then Ultimate Surrender style and see who can hold out the longest without cumming....of course I'll have to eat her sexy feet some more!!

-Submitted October 21, 2007

Well I was around 5 years old and my sister was 11. It wads 12:00 at night and I walked past her room and heard heavy breathing and moaning. I walked in and saw her masterbating. I said sorry and went for the door. she said do you want to stay and help. so not knowing I did.i sat next to her and she told me to suck all her come off her pussy. so I did it tasted great. she took her hand and startes masterbating my vagina she stuck her fingers all the way inside me and I started to moan. then she said my turn and I stuck my fingers in her vagina. I loved it she then went to her closet and took out a dildo that she took from my mother and stuck it in my vagina and it tmoaned so loud the feeling was incredible. I then took it from her and stuck it in her vagina so hard she scream and our 12 year old brother walked in and saw what we were doing he told us can he joined I never saw my brothers dick so I pulled down his boxers and saw his erecet 4 inches I asked him if I can touch and he said no you can suck so I did I put it in my mouth and went up and sown so hard he began to moan and all of a sudden he came all in my mouth and it tasted so good I swollowed it all.then my sister wanted to try so she gave him oral. then he took his erect penis and stuck it so far into my vagina and f*cked me so hard. I began to moan alot he came all inside me. we then just masterbaqted together and went to bed im now 15 and me and him masterbate and have fun once or twice a month

-Submitted November 14, 2007
I love breasts

All of my life I have enjoyed looking at other girls and women's breast. From little AAA size breast buds all the way up to huge sagging tittys. I see then and fantisize about fondling them, sucking them, and bitting and chewing on them as I masturbate. Even looking at my own mother's saging breast made me go to my roo mand masturbate. When I was 12 I got to touch breasts other than my own. My close girl friend and I were along in my room one time, trying on each other's clothes when I couldn't help myself, I reached out and rubbed her beautiful nipple with my fingertip. She just moaned slightly and I rubbed more, her nipples became very errect and I cupped her breast in my hand, like I have cupped my own hudnreds of times, and then bent over and first licked one of her nipples, then sucked it into my mouth. She gasped and moaned and almost collapsed, I sucked harder ,and Felt her hand gently holding my head to her breast. I stood up and raising up the T I had on rubbed my nipples aganist hers. I could actually feel my sexual juices running down my thighs. My hand went to her crotch, she didn't resist, and I slid my fingers between her legs and underneath the leg of her panties. Her vagina was hot and very wet, I eased her down on my bed, and as I continued to suckle her nipples I began to rub her clitoris, I felt her whole body shiver and move her hand cupped her own breast and She gently moved her upper body so as to present both of her nipples to me to suck, first one then the other.my mouth sucked delightfllly and forcefully on both of her breast in turn., she moaned my name, and her climax seemed huge. She pushed my head away from her breast, and then her own mouth was on my nipple, and her fingers searching and finding my clit, and I joined her in orgasm very quickly. That as the first of many times of us being together .I loved taking showers in jr high and high school after PE, looking at the other girls breasts and nipples. Our gym teacher's breast were almost formless, hanging like two wet paper sacks , but I envisioned playing with them and sucking them.The youngest I have ever played with and sucked was the younger sister of one of my g/f's that I mutually masturbated with . My friend had taught her how to masturbate and she joined us on many ocassions. Her little tittys were hardly more than nipples, yet they seemed as sensative as my own. The oldest was a female supervisor in the company I worked with during one of my summer intern jobs. She was about 65, had HUGE breast, and thimble size nipples. She was a full lesbian and was a very lustful older woman who lived for me to suckle her breasts as she fondled me, then she would perform oral on me and drive me crazy with her tongue and mouth. Another older woman ,about 55, would have me lay on my back with my legs spread, and she would masturbate me with her floppy tittys and long hard nipples, then let me suck my own juices off of her breasts. In college I was able to satisfy my appitite with several of my room mates and close friends.I was really susprised to learn that more than half of my female friends had not only had bi experiences, but wanted more of them ,and I was more than happy to be with them that way. ( I feel that most women are really bi-or bi minded and if given the right circumstances would love to be with another woman).. I am happily married, but still enjoy the sight, feel, touch and taste of another woman's breast. My husband knows of my feelings, and encourages me , and several times has been able to enjoy watching me with another woman. I love it when I am sucking one of her breasts, and he is sucking her other one as I hold it for him . He will msturbate and cum on her nipples, and I will suck her cum coverd nipples as he, or she masturbates me and and gives me such huge orgasms. We belong to two different nudists resorts, but that will be for another time , ,,

-Submitted November 6, 2007
Foot Fetish and Grinding

My girlfriend and I are both 20 years old, and we both have a crazy foot fetish. We love watching sapphic Erotica, and anything Viv Thomas. Anyways, we were getting really horny a few days ago and started to make out. We were passionately kissing, and we were both humping eachother's groins. We were both wearing flip flops, and we parted our lips and I went to her cute little feet. I am a size 6, and she is a size 7.5. We both have cute little toes (thankfully neither of us has that ugly longer 2nd toe hehehe). I took off her sandal, and started to devour her hot little toes and her foot. As I was sucking her feet and toes like there was no tomorrow, she lay down as started sucking mine. We worshiped each other's feet for a good 5-6 minutes, but we were getting way too wet. So we stripped off, and got into a scissor position grinding our wet sloppy pussies together. As we humped our pussies together, we both grabbed each others legs, and again had our feet in our mouths. We were grinding our pussies together like crazy and we were both ready to climax as the humping sensation together with the passion of sucking each other's toes started to boil over. I pulled my pussy away from hers, and took my foot and started to give her a footjob. I put my entire foot in her huge pussy, and at the same time she got her big toe in mine (Mine is too small for her whole foot). We gave each other footjobs for another 5-6 minutes.....but....we needed to finish each other off, so I mounted her leg and humped it furiously as she humped mine. The juices were pouring all over our thighs and groins. With all the panting and moaning, we managed to cum at virtually the same time. It was an AMAZING orgasm. We then fingered each other a little bit, and kind of 69'd into more toe sucking. Both our feet were so red with hickies it was crazy! We would have to wear socks for the rest of the week:(.

Next time we're gonna wrestle DWW style, and then Ultimate Surrender style and see who can hold out the longest without cumming....of course I'll have to eat her sexy feet some more!!

-Submitted September 26, 2010
Sleepover Experience

I was over at my freinds house last week for a sleepover. Her parents were gone for the weekend so we had the house to ourselves. We watched sexy movies and went to bed. We both slept in her bed because she it was big. I wore my Baby Doll PJ's. During the night I felt my freinds body push against my butt & i felt her hand on my side. I pretended to be asleep & felt her hand slide up my top. She put her hand around my breasts and then pulled on my nipples. I couldn't help myself and I moaned. She used her other hand to slide my bottoms off & slipped her hand inside my panties. I came for the first time in my life.

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