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In an effort to publish a text on women's masturbation in modern society, this page is intended for an academic sociological collection of experiences and opinions regarding female masturbation.

Special thanks to all those who submitted female masturbation stories, experiences, and opinions.
The public entry area on this page is now closed.
Below is a list of all archives collected from July 1999 through November 2007

These stories were collected from the public by way of a text submit area at the bottom of the introductory page. Each contributor was given the freedom to choose any topic related to female masturbation. Participants were asked to remain anonymous. However, many people felt compelled to give their age even though they were instructed not to do so.

It seems the majority of masturbation experiences people chose to write about were memories that occurred before or during the sexual development years of life rather than those that occured most recently. It would be relatively easy to draw conclusions from this study that indicates early masturbation experiences and fantasies play a large role in development of sexual preferences and desires later in life.

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Masturbating for Women

January 24, 2012
my first experience

Back in the early eighties when I was around 8 or 9 years old one of my uncles had an been in a car accident and had badly damaged his legs making him virtually unable to take care of himself so most weekends I was sent around by my mum and dad to help him around his house to try to take care of him as he lived alone. I can remember that this happened on the second weekend that I was asked to go around to watch over him. Come night time after our supper that I had cooked I made sure that he was ok and did,nt need anything before morning so I went to bed myself. It was a short time later that I could hear noises comming from his bedroom and thought that he may be needing me to help him do something. Without putting on the light I went throught to his bedroom and as I got to the door way I could see he had the television on and the sound was turned way down low and that he was watching a porn movie. Back then I did,nt know anything at all about sex and was kinda shocked to see this but was intreaged at the same time but the biggest shock was the noises that I had heard was my uncle moaning and groaning as he was masterbating his eyes were closed as he was doing this so I knew he did,nt notice me being there. I slowly crept up closer to his bed watching him and the movie at the same time I was mesmerised watching him as his was the first cock that I had ever seen and it looked huge to me. After a little while he let out quite a loud grunt and squirted his cum onto his chest as he did this I shouted out to him are you alright I guess that I thought that it was painful what had happened to him he got such a fright that he just shouted at me to get back to my bed. Come breakfast time when I had to go back throught to his room he asked me to sit up on his bed beside him as he wanted to talk to me. He appologised for shouting at me the way that he did and said it must have been quite frightning for me to see the film he had been watching and to see what he was doing to himself and what had also happened to him. He explained most things about sex to me and the things that I saw the girls on the movie doing with the guys and then asked me never to reveal to anyone about what I had seen or what he told me that morning as he could get into a lot of trouble I kept my word up until now but he was quite a good teacher to me back then and over the years as I grew up into the woman that I am now.

January 24, 2012
Anal play.

With regard to masturbating for women, I love to push something up my arse when I masturbate,I find my anus extremely sensitive to stimulation. I normally masturbate my clitoris on the rim ofthe bath,leaving one hand free to sodomise myself with.I usually use a lubricated reflexology roller,as it's ridged with a nop on the end,like a hard cock.I insert this as far as it will penetrate my anus,it feels so fucking good!!!! I move it back and forth,in time with my clit stimulation,enjoying the sensation of the ridges on my spinchter muscles.When I'm close to coming,I thrust a bit harder, and shove my erect nipple into my mouth to suck as I fuck my wet cunt and sodomise myself to a terrific orgasm.

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January 24, 2012
Hot bathroom in China
Masturbating for Women

I am a 22-year-old chinese girl, like many chinese girls of my age,

I'm still a virgin. I have never been in love before since I find the

boys around me not attractive,my friends often consider me to be a

Lesbian. I'm the kind of girl that easily get horny,and I masturbate on a

regular basis,each time I read this site, I feel real hot and get wet

soon. I have a crush on guys who seem innocent and

always horny too, I know they masturbate more often than me, I hope the

hot stories on this site are real,cus I like touching my clit while

reading all this. Last week was still hot in SouthChina though in Autumn, I went

swimming with 2 other girls.When I left my dorm I was in such a hurry

that I forgot to bring the liquid soap and shampoo. After swimming we

had to take a shower before leaving. We three were shocked when entering

the bathroom, there were no doors, no hanging, just many shower places. All women were naked taking a shower, oh it turned me on like hell. One

of my friends took off her swimming costume, I was terribly horny when I

saw her naked, her nipples were pink, not big breast but very nice

shape. I envy her so much since most asian girls have just brown nipples

and that's not good-looking. I turned around to take off my costume too,

avoiding to see her hot body, a while later I had to borrow her shampoo

since I had forgotten mine. I turned around to find her using her

shampoo at the same time, I waited, a lil embarrassed. I looked at her

crotch, wow, real flaming. She had so few pubic hair and the skin was

smooth like silk. I couldn't bear it, I was all wet and hot. I took the

shampoo and went on washing, the bathroom was full of girls and women, I

was so afraid that someone would find me weird and consider me to be a


I faced the wall and finished washing, getting dressed , fighting in my

mind. I never found my friend to be so flaming, she always dressed in

black, being boyish and cool, yet has an attrative figure. We took a bus back to college. I fantasied her making love with a guy

since she had a BF. Later, Rumor was everywhere that she was being pursued by a

Lesbian,more shocking, that Lesbian was my good friend too, hell, I

knew nothing 'bout her sexual orientation. I know she IS right now. NO

boys or no girls can resist such a hot figure.

When I masturbate, I have a new fantasy now. But I dont't think I'm a

Les. I like both hot guys and girls, it's just human nature. Being a

daughter of a very traditional family, I'll remain a virgin till my

marriage. Maybe I like girls too,but I'll never tell anyone.

January 24, 2012
first gasm
Masturbating for Women

Ive been reading this site for about a week. And I read all the bathtub faucet stories. Before I was introduced to the bathtub faucet way of masturbation I used my fingers, and I got a good feeling but nothing like I was about to feel. So I tried the faucet several times before last night but I got that good feeling again. So last night I couldn't wait to do it again. I run the water warm. I put my legs up against the wall and try to widen my legs. I hold the lips of my vagina open with one hand and rock back and forth coming in and out of the water than stop for a moment and I shudder cuz it feels good. I do it again and I knew I was about to feel something great so I started rubbing my finger at the top of my vagina and stopped and put it under water again. And Oh my god it felt so good I was twitching and panting. I knew it was an orgasm.

January 21, 2012
fun and amazing
Female Masturbation

We'll I started masterbating when I was 10 and have been doing it ever since. How I got started was when my friend came over and she got undressed and I got undressed we were pretending to have sex with are stuffed animals when I started feeling this funny feeling in my vagina( by funny I mean feeled kinda good) We'll I ignored it and kept straddling the stuffed animal when I started feeling wet in my panties. So I told my friend and she said she felt it to. So we both looked and saw that there was this dtuff in our underwear. Me and her just thought that we peed a bit so we kept going until I felt this wondrous feeling in my vagina it was the most amazing orgazim I have ever had. oooh! It lasted so long ibecause it was my first. When I told kyla she said I felt that feelign to. Me and her went on th computer and checked up what happens when you straddle your stuffed animals? we found a word called masterbation and we clicked on it and women touching there vagina came up and looked like they were feeling what we feeling. So we clicked on one of the videos and it started telling us how to masterbate. We'll we took off our under werar and started doing what thery said. soon we rubbing our clit like there was no tomorrow and almost at the same time me and my friend got an orgasm and ever since ive been using vibrators and didos, electric tooth brushes, and the shower trick. It's amazing!

January 21, 2012
Classic Scenario
Female Masturbation

I've always known that rubbing my vagina gave me pleasure. Infact, when I was around 6 years old I used my security blanket to make the pleasure more intense. I would lie on my stomach, my cheek flat against the floor and use my index and middle finger with the blanket to rub against my pussy. Of course, I never really knew what I was doing and on several occasions my mother asked me to stop. But, I couldn't. From around 9, I started going through the process of puberty and at 10, I got my first period. I was pretty excited, and with the sanitary towel in my pants, I couldn't help but ride it during school. I'm not really sure when I got my first orgasm, I just remember getting very breathless and tired while I used my blanket. I never really put anything inside me, I would just play with my clit until it was red and sore from use. Then, I learned to masturbate on my back. As I had little privacy in my house I used to masturbate while the other person in the room was asleep. I'd lay there in bed, my breath held and jam my arse up and down on to my fingers. Then, while they began to stir from my erratic movements I would finally come and fall asleep. The danger of getting caught always stirred a feeling deep within me and when I wasn't with someone I'd pretend someone was watching me. This was one of my classic scenarios: I would begin with reading a naughty story of a couple having sex or a woman masturbation or even sometimes look at porn. Then, I would uncover my chest, take out each breast and lavish it with attention. I'd squeeze the nipples gently, then harder. I'd watch them turn into small brown pebbles and shoot streaks of desire all over my body. Sometimes, I'd sit in front of the mirror and watch them bounce together, marvelling at how big they are. Just imaging someone else was yearning to touch them both. Male or female. After that my hand would unconsiously find my bush and my fingers would entwine with my all-ready soaked pubic hair. A finger would poke out and gently stroke my erect clit, damn that feels so good. I'd hurriedly strip then, feeling the tight urge to passionately rub my clit and pussy all over, especially with my own juices. My vagina would throb and orgasm after orgasm would come, my toes would curl and I'd hold my breath for as long as I could. Not daring to make a sound. Then, exhausted, I'd sleep or start the process all over again. Well, what can I say, girls have got to have fun.

January 21, 2012
Masturbating for Women

I usually masturbate with my friend when we get bored. This one time we were really bored and horney so I asked her if she wanted to try something new. We took r clothes off and I took her in the bathroom. I had her sit in the tub in front of a mirror so she could see her wet pussy. I turned on the shower head and sat behind her, with my legs stratling her. I had her bend her knees and I but my feet around hers so her legs would stay. Then I took her arms and put them behind her back in front of my pussy. She began to finger my hot pussy. I was holding the shower head in front of her pussy. I took both of my pinkies and ring fingers and spread open her pussy lips. Exposing her erect vulnerable clit. I held the showerhead with my other 3 fingers, as I held the water on her clit. MMMMMMMMM it felt good. Then I began to slowly turn the showerhead to masage, and the water began to pulse out of the head. Still holding her open, I had it on her clit. The water was shooting out and was pilsating against her swollen clit. She was moaning that it felt soo good. She began to squirm all over, but she loved it. I started moving the showerhead up and down and around in circles; everyway that it could go. She was yelling ya ya ya, dont stop, mmmmmmmm. A few seconds later she cam, and gushed everywhere, and we could see it all in the mirror. After she cam we switched places and she did it to me. It was amazing!!!!!!

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January 19, 2012

I ran into the post about masturbating for women with the vacuume.. that was such a turn on that I just had to go try it! so I did, only my big brother was at home so I went down stairs and he was sitting there playing his x-box I told him I was going to vacume my room and I grabbed the vacume and took it up to my room and shut the door. I turned it on and took off all my cloths, I layed down on the floor placed the suction tube on my tit and grabbed the handle and slid it right down into me! right away it was the most amazing thing I have ever felt! just after a minute of that I had already came once and was extremely horny! I kept at that for a while and was cumming all over my very hot pussy and all over the floor and moaning more than I should have because I heard my brother shout up the stairs and ask if I was ok I shouted yes and went back to banging the cum covered vacume handle! around this time I tryed to stand up and do it that way but I'm only 5'2 and it was a bit to high so I just layed it back down and turned over lubbed up my assh*le and stuck it inside of me while taking my shampoo bottle and ramming it in my steaming vagina! I came again in this position and layed back down on my back to rest! thats when I noticed it.. my brother had been standing in the doorway watching me! my brother is only a year older than I am (16) and I think he is fairly attractive so I was very turned on by this! I looked up at him and said you wana give me a go? I turned the vacume off and rolled around turning my well lubbed vagina towards him! he said ok and got down on his knees and started to finger me! I was moaning and cumming all over the carpet like before when I decided to give him a orgy so I told him your turn! and smiled at him. I turned the vacume back on and layed it down so the handle was sticking upwards and told him to take off his clothes and lay down on his back, so he did. I lowerd my swolen pussy back over the vacume and started to suck his giant cock! after about 5 minutes of my banging the vacume and sucking my brother he came! and boy did he cum.. I was still sucking him when he did so I drank it all! this was the first time I had tasted it and man was it good! I came again from the vacume and told my brother I needed to take a break, he didn't know I just meant a break from the vacume.. I turned towards him and told him to lick my vagina! he was reluctant but he did and I could tell he was enjoying him self because he started to mastrabate while licking me, this was very soothing after having the hard vacume in me all that time. I came one more time and so did he! we sucked the cum of each other in a sort of 69 position and then we where done. I told him that was the best time I have ever had! and he agreed with a sigh, probably wishing he could do more. I still use the vacume because it is so amazing that I just can't resist! and we still get each other off from time to time, to all you girls out there! you have to try this it is absolutely amazing! have fun! love Kayla!

January 18, 2012
widest open
Masturbating for Women

since I wasa kid I was told that I had a big and juicy cunt.at age nine I would sit with my legs wide openexamining my marvel in a full mirror.It really was very big and red.I loved pulling it wide open as far as it wouldgo. we lived in front of the men's dorms belonging to a church, and many of the students lovedto watch me masturbate when I already had hair growing there. I would oil a wire hanger,spread my legs and holding my cuntlips wide open I would do itlike if my clit was a fiddle and rub strongly. I would climax endlessly and still want more. I then graduated onto masturbating in a huge bathtub, with the water jet aiming straight at my swollen clit and my hand holding myself as wide open as I could .i love watching myself open, I wish everyone could see what I have between my legs, it really is huge and hot and juicy.Stretching my labia as far as I can brings waves of delight, and having my clit pout out of my cuntlips is a pleasure.i like having my lovers open me wide and explore as much as they can, then lick me.i would love to spend more time opening myself up, it feels soslick and warm and tumid and palpitating.

January 17, 2012
watching me masterbate

Masturbating for Women

I was in a rural area. so I got my blanket and went out in a wooded area,away from a rest area. I found what I throught was a good place to masterbate. I undressed, laid on my blanket. I pulled hard and far out on my hard nipples, until it hurt,and I climaxed. then rubbed my pussy,and fingered myself into another clomax. then I waded up some of the blanket and put it so I could lay on it against my pussy,my hands their too,oh I moaned climaxing. I laid their for a while,then started rubbing my pussy masterbating. I heard a noise,i looked around but didn't stop masterbating. I finnally seen,i think he want me to see him,he was masterbating too, I squeeled out extra loud climaxing,he let out a moan shooting his sperm,seeing it shooting I instantedly. then he came over, we stared masterbating ourselves, then changed and masterbating, I climexed fast, the let out a noise,as I squezed his cock hard,and he was shooting his sperm. I aimed his cock toward me,so some of his sperm landed on me. we licked the sperm off each other. I teasted him masterbating him,and every so often I put my mouth down so his cock rubbed on my lips and toung,i even let him in my mouth a couple of times,he started squirming around, his cock got really hard in my hand and expanded a little then he started shooting his sperm, I even opened my mouth and he got a little sperm in my mouth,then I kissed the end of his cock. then him masterbating me I laid on my side,one leg under his waist area,the other on top of his waist area. then he rubbed,and fingered my pussy, and a few times he had his cock rub hard on my pussy, then back to masterbating me, and later,his cock rubbing on my pussy,the head of it went in me,he pulled out soon, and then I climaxed,and he was masterbating teasing me,and he shot his sperm on the out side of my pussy,that,warm sperm made me climax again instantly. then he used my pussy to masterbate in, he shot his sperm,as his cock was also masterbating my pussy into a climax. what an afternboon of masterbating we had. satisfying..

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January 17, 2012
Female Masturbation

The first clear memory I have of feeling that wonderful sensation of excitement and wetness in my little muff was when I was 6 years old...I was in the bath and the babysitter came in to help me wash my hair. She was a girl in her teens and I wanted to be just like her when I got older. She helped me with my hair and then picked up the bar of soap and started to was my body. She was always so nice to me and told me how pretty I was and things like that, so I didn't say to her thatI could now wash myself. I simply love the attention from her. She stood me up and washed my back and then started to do the front. When she reached my little nipples she slowed down and rubbed them realy slowly and they started to get hard and I noticed a wonderful yet strange sensation between my legs. As she was teasing my little nips she was telling me how beautiful boobs would be when I got older and how nice and big my nipples would be.Like yours I asked and she giggled and said yes just like mine. She washed slowly downward and when she reached my muff, she said spread your legs so I can wash there, and she slid her soapy finger into the slit of my muff and it felt so good and she must have been able to feel the wetness that wasn't water as well as the heat coming from inside me. The more she rubbed the better it felt, and I leaned against her and breathed heavily as she brought my little yet sensual muff to its first orgasm. She told me that when I went to bed she would show me how to do it for myself, but I couldn't tell my parents that she showed me. Since that wonderful night atleast 4 times a week I played with my muff. I now have sex regularly with my boyfriend. And I also masterbate often. I haven't been with a girl yet but I fantasize about a girl fingering to orgasm often, so maybe I'll try and find a girl who shares the same feelings that I do.

January 17, 2012
Masturbating for Women

I went to camp with like my bestest fiend. We talked about everything. One day she brought up sex. She was older than me by 2 years! So as explicit as she was, I likeed it, I was getting hot and she caught me, at that very moment curiously feeling my vagina.. She asked to help. Not knowing what she meant I said yes, she took off my pants and began to finger me, ohh how it felt good! She put at least 3 fingers in and she rubbed up and down that thing that sticks up.


Fealing sorry that she couldnt feel what I was feeling I offered her if she wanted me to do it. She said yes and asked me to bring a pen the counsler used, so following her instructions I did, and she asked me to put it inside of her. Going in she moaned in pleasure, I was getting extremly jealous, so holding the middle of the pen steadly, I put the other part in me. Amazing. It was the best thing I felt, she would hump the pen, and asked me to do it untill our vagina's met.

(3 pens are amazing.

We are still best friends, and did it two times after it.

January 16, 2012
my best friend

Female Masturbation

Masturbating for Women - Well I went to sleep at a friends house one nihgt when we started to get really hot. we were watchin a porn movie when we started to rub each others bobs. then we took off our close and started to rub each others clitoris. we started to moan and were getting really wet when all of a sudden her parents come in to say good night we pretended to be a sleep well thankfully they bought it and left after that we started to get more intense I went to her virgina and was starting to finger it when she finally comed all over the place she had just had her first orgasm. next she started to do the same to me I came really fast with my first orgasm. the next thing I knew had 4 more awseome orasms that night we started the best masterbation friendship ever and we still do it with each other except is getting more horny like well I gots to go bye
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January 16, 2012
my 2nd cousin
Female Masturbation

I have a really big family and one of my mom's cousins is around my age but a year older (we were 13 and 14). I always thot he was really hot and I loved his personality, his humor, everything about him, really. there seemed to be a strong connection between us..i knew he even felt this way but we only got to see eachothr 3 times a year. at the time he was going out with my friend's sister and my friend had a huge crush on him. my cousin told me repeatedly that nothing ever happened between him and his girlfriend as if he didnt want to hurt my feelings. one time, during christmas vacation, every1 else went to sleep and he told me he wanted to go somewhere with me...ofcourse, I agreed. he linked arms with me and whispered into my ear 'shh dont wake anyone up or we cant go,' blushing in the darkness I whispered back, 'okay but where are we going?' he pulled me closer and whispered so I could feel his breath on my ear 'you'll see' anticipation struck inside me, my heart pounding so hard and so fast I wondered whether or not he could hear it in the dense, dark silence. soon we were out of my aunts huge, house and were walking in the wet, bitter cold night.. I shivered; he looked at me and with a concerned voice asked if I was cold .. without waiting for my answer he shrugged off an arm of his jacket and wraped me inside it so that our bodies were up against eachother while we walked. my heart beat even faster.. 'we're almost there' he said 'i found it earlier today and I figured u like it' all of a sudden he turned and pulled me with him; we were walking directly onto a dirt trail, it was small and obviously not used often. after a short while I saw in a small clearing, the outline of a little cabin. 'this is it' he said, 'im geussing a long time ago it was used for a ski house ..ya know just for the winter..but its deserted now' I stepped inside as he closed the door behind me with a creak, we let the jacket slide off our shoulders onto the floor and he pulled a string that turned on 3 dim lights. inside the cabin there was a small kitchen, a living room with a couch (that pulls out into a bed) and a rocking chair in it, a fireplace, a few bookshelfs, board games, a small table with 3 chairs and two doors that led to different rooms. he sat down on the couch 'i thot itd be a cool place to hang out and ya know..talk...i also found a little swimming hole thats only 1/3 of a mile away' he and I loved to explore around the area and telling eachother our secrets wasnt anything unusual..the only secret I kept was how I felt about him. I sat next to him and my heart felt like it was about to explode but I kept my face calm. we started talking about random things and soon we playing truth or dare. 'truth,' I said slowly, 'what is the craziest thing u would ever do right now that u always wanted to?' the mood changed from funny to intense and he raised his eyebrows. 'well..that could be alot of things,' he said smoothly and slowly 'chose one thats on ur mind at this very moment' I said my eyebrows raised to match his 'hmm,' he said licking his lips; he moved closer our lips touched and soon the kissing became more and more intense I stratled him and he began to pull up my shirt with in another minute we were both topless he moved his attention to my puckered nipples, kissing them softly then softly nibbling then sucking on them. our fingers fumbled toward our pants trying to undo them as fast as possible. I shoved mine down to my knees then kicked them off the rest of the way. me in my thong and him in his boxers, we returned to kissing, he kissed me slowly and softly from my lips, to my neck, then to my breasts, he made his way to the top of my thong licking the edge of it. I couldnt take it I pulled it off and pressed his lips to the waxed lips of my vagina. after a while of this I gripped his c*ck it was big and rock hard. I kissed it and licked it and sucked it. then I pressed my lips to his ear and whispered 'now' he kissed me on the lips softly then again but this time harder his tounge sliding against the inside of my mouth. he pulled his boxers off completely and threw me onto my back then he rubbed the tip of his penis around my slit then slid his whole dick into my vagina it was and amazing feeling! I moaned and bit his shoulder. I hit orgasm and he pulled it out I leaned over and sucked it swalowing the sperm that came shooting out. he bent his head over my vagina and licked up the cum around my pussy and thighs. when we were done we laid together panting. 'ive always loved you like this' he said breathlessy and we kissed again 'ive always hoped you would say that I said smiling.

we go to the cabin whenever he comes out to my aunts house ;]

January 15, 2012
My Cousin and I
Female Masturbation

Well my cousin came over and we were up in my room and she is a few years younger than me and she wanted to see my pussy and I said sure and she looked at it and then she said we should lick eachothers boobs and I said sure y not I was only 13 but o well and I said I would go first but I was scared to pull up my shirt and I finally did and she layed on top of me and started licking my boobs it felt so good I had never felt nething like it she told me to close my eyes and not look but watching her turned me on so I watched and she licked my tit and bit my nipple and then it was my turn to lick her she layed down and pulled up her shirt my tits were much bigger lol but I licked her and and had a fun time I didnt wanna stop it was amazing I loved licking her tits hopefully next time we will lick eachothers pussies!!!!

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January 15, 2012
Some fun
Masturbating for Women

wow first of all reading these stories have me sooo horny lol well I like to do a lot of fun things when i'm bored well I take like a hot dog and put it in and out of my pussy and then I take my electric toothbrush and rub it on my clit and it feels so good I start shaking I also like to rub my boobies and try to lick them I also like to watch porn on the internant I like to make vidoes of me touching myself and stuff I also like to pee and then pour it on myself taht turns me on ummm...what else I tried to shove a banana up my vagina but my pussy hole is too small and I also took a toliet plunger up there lol I love to like just feel up my boobs and watch them jiggle I was always really embarrased by my boobies cuz they are huge for my age but now when I masturbate it helps I really dint like the look my areola though they are huge o well lol well those are some things I do one of my fantasies is having a girl lick my pussy and go to town on it lol

January 15, 2012
me myself and I
Female Masturbation

I am a very horny girl. One time I was at home alone and I was just so horny and I just I knew someone that would come and lick my pussy. But I didn't so I was laying on my couch and started to rub myself and I got tired and stop but the next day I was at school and I was sitting next to this girl who noticed I was playing with myself under the table. So she put her hand on my theigh and into my pants and started to finger me and I scream on yeah an the teacher noticed and told us to leave so the girl got mad at me and left so I was alone again in the bathroom. But then I pulled my pants down and started fingering myself it was so much better than the girl. I spent awhile in there then went home and started to use my tooth brush which I can totally not get away from. On I am so horny.

January 15, 2012
so good...
Female Masturbation

I experienced my first masturbating for women orgasm when I was 13. My dad had just bought a new shower head, and it had jet stream. since the whole get- under- the- faucet thing never worked for me, I decided to try the jet. while I was in the shower, I turned the head to jet and laid down on the floor of the tub. I opened my legs and positioned myself under the stream. as soon as the water hit my bare clitoris I started to feel tingling. the tingling got more and more intense, and at one point I thought I had had my climax when bam! I came all over the place. my hips were jerking around and my back was arched in the air, and I let out a moan, but no one heard me over the sound of the water. that was my first orgasm, and it was amazing. I recomend this. I also find that wispering 'yes, yes, yes' helps me have a better orgasm. I think i'll go take a shower right now, as a matter of fact, but first i'm going to find my super thick sharpie to use as a dildo bafore I get in.

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