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Both men and women may masturbate until they are close to orgasm, stop for a while, and then resume masturbating. They may repeat this cycle as many times as they desire. The "stop and go" technique can enable the masturbator to achieve stronger orgasms. This method may also be used to learn sexual control and to treat premature ejaculation in men or premature orgasm in women. Some men also report a greater volume of semen ejaculated by using this method.

There are three parts to a male orgasm:
(1) The intense feeling right before ejaculation when you feel like the flow of semen is inevitably on the way -- when you feel it's definitely going to shoot out if  you continue.
(2) The explosive pumping of the ejaculation itself.
(3) The resolution after ejaculation when the whole body feels relaxed.

An full orgasm can range in time from three seconds to hours. With the 'stop and go' method, you're simply prolonging and experimenting with the first part of the orgasm. Anyone can try this for increased pleasure. If you are trying to treat premature ejaculation and you have a partner, be sure to include your partner in while you practice this technique. Let your partner control the stroking. It can be very helpful to any sexual relationship.

Women tend to have more natural control over their sexual responses compared to men. Women also tend to be able to achieve multiple orgasms more often than men. Therefore, the stop and go technique for women will not require as much concentration on the instructional details.


(1) Masturbate in any comfortable way until you feel yourself almost come to the point of orgasm.
(2) Take a break when you start to feel the orgasm coming.  Stop all stimulation entirely. You may need to take the hands off the genitals for a moment. (Put hands behind your head if you have trouble resisting.)
(3) Start up again once the really intense feeling of almost ejaculating subsides a little bit.

Do this over and over a few times and see how close you can get to climax before actually letting the orgasm finish. During this process, you will notice a lubricative fluid excretion (in both men and women). This fluid is commonly called "pre-cum". Sometimes men may get a penis "hiccup" where a bit of semen squirts out without full orgasm and ejaculation.

If you are new to this method, you may have a premature orgasm a few times before you are able to control the method. Premature orgasm can happen when you have stopped entirely and taken the "hands off position", but a couple of seconds later, you climax anyway without planning on it yet. This happens because you went a little too far before you stopped for a break. It's also the reason why this method takes patience and practice. There is that point at which one more stroke takes it too far and you orgasm. You want to try to continue the stop and go until you get that final orgasmic stroke to be your first stroke after a break.

It may take a few weeks to a few months to see long term results, but that's OK because most people don't mind the practice at all.

It may not be safe to force semen to stay inside the body by holding a finger over the hole at the tip of the penis or by plugging up the hole. This is called "injaculation" and we do not recommend it

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TITLE: Stop and Go by Robert

I stumbled onto the "stop and go" masturbation method by accident. I was masturbating just up to the point of orgasm, but would stop short just prior to point of no return. I was doing this to make the experience last longer. Then, once after having approached climax several times and stopped short, and after having ceased stimulation entirely, and with only a semi erection, I ejaculated without orgasm. It was wild. There was a steady stream of cum, but no muscle spasms, _____ explosions, or spurting. Just a nice steady stream, yielding about the same amount of cum as a normal jerking off. This had never happened before. I didn't thing you could ejaculate without orgasm, but you can. The stop and go masturbation approach is to "stop and go" several times, then "go for it". But everyone should try cumming without an erection. It's a trip.

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
GENDER: Male masturbation
TITLE: Multiple for Men

The stop and go masturbation method is also great for men to have multiple orgasms. If you bring yourself right up to the cumming point and then let go of your penis, you can squirt cum and have sort of a mini-orgasm. As long as you don't go that one stroke too far, you can do this over and over. Each little orgasm feels better than the last one. The most I've been able to do was 12 mini-orgasms and one final. The final orgasm was dry, I had already milked all of the cum out of me. If you really want to torture yourself, masturbate until you are about to cum and stop before you ejaculate. Then let yourself get soft and go do something else. Do this every 5 or 10 minutes for a few hours, if you can stand it that log. It creates a lot of sexual tension in your whole body and when you finally do cum, it's possible to do it before you get completely hard. The orgasm is super strong.

Be sure to read more about favorite masturbation techniques in the Stroke that Went too Far, a page on variations of the "Stop and Go" method.

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TITLE: donkey

I have been practising stop and go masturbation for years. It wasn't intention, it's just the way I masturbate. I can make a session last for hours now. I start by strapping a vibrating bullet to my penis and let it vibrate on me, controlling the speed and intensity. By turning the speed up you can reach great heights of pleasure, and then just whack it back down to lower. Keep doing that, and you're in complete control of a very powerful orgasm.

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GENDER: Male masturbation
TITLE: Hisoka

This site is very interesting.the stop and go masturbation method is good , however what I find even better is "the lock" wich is done right before ejaculating as the same way when you hold it so you wont urinate yourself. this is too long to explain here but yes same orgasms and feelings as when you a student of Oriental medicine and I know for a fact this is effective. resource to research: Author: Daniel Reid book name:The Tao of Sex,Health and Longevity. my thanks to all who made this site possible for letting me write this here, may this small information be useful to all and may all be well!

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TITLE: stop and go extasy

I use this technique frequently and a variation it can blow any guy's mind. Basically work all the way up to cumming, let go, and let a little cum spurt out; try not to intervene. Let your penis go a little limp and work up again, and let a little semen come out. I do this up to five times and eventually have a dry orgasm the intensity of which is ectasy.

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TITLE: nylonjockey

A former lover demonstrated this method on me for about 4 hours one night soon after we became attached - he would slowly masturbate me until he know I was ready to ejaculate, then let go of my penis. We ended up, over time, having prolonged (3-5 hour) mutual masturbation stop and go sessions, each with a final 15-20 second ejaculation each, consisting of more than 20 shots and very voluminous ammounts of semen - HOT!!

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

I've been using the stop & go technique to masturbate for 3 - 4 years. It's equally satisfying alone or with my wife as part of our sexual activity as a couple. While she masturbates with a vibrator to achieve 6 -7 orgasms, I can keep myself hard for well over an hour and have many mini-orgasms without ejaculating. When we've both reached our limits, I can finish myself while she squeezes and pulls my balls or, she can squeeze and pump my penis herself. The resulting orgasm is always impressive.

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SEXUALITY: Homosexual
TITLE: Big One

Stop and go is awesome for prolonging the experience. You are the only one that can tell when you are going off. Perfect for oral, as your partner sucks on your head, and you feel yourself begin to cum, have them lick your shaft. Then take your mind off of things. When you feel you can take more, have them go back to that awesome spot to the back of your head that feels oh so good. Repeat this process as many times as you wish before you can't hold out any longer. When you're on your last straw, let them keep sucking, and shoot a monster hot load all over the inside of their mouth! I've found that I can usually go another round after the stop and go method. This method works great for 69's. You can suck each others thick sticks for hours. Yea, I wish I had someone right now!

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: Years of Experience

I have been using the "stop and go" method for many years. Now I can delay orgasm as long as I like, masturbation and ejaculate when I feel like it with or without orgasm, and orgasm without ejaculation. Usually I ejaculate 2 or 3 times a week, but will sometimes do it several times a day. I find I do not have as much semen as I used to and it only dribbles out, but that may because of my age (I am 66). I enjoy masturbating this way much more than when I was only masturbating to ejaculate. It has become a most enjoyable hobby instead of just a necessity.

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GENDER: Female
TITLE: Linda and the One Hour Orgasm

I am a thirty two year old female named Lisa with a sleek body. As an administrative assistant, I am publicly conservative, but my private fetish is jacking off my boyfriend. The heft and feel of his hot cock in my hands makes me giddy. We use the stop and go method of masturbation on a regular basis, because it produces the most mind bending orgasms on earth. It builds up enormous back pressure that leads to fierce cum-shots....To start off with, we both get naked. Then, I sit at the head of the bed leaning back comfotably against pillows. I position him in front of me on his back. He scootches his butt up high on pillows between my legs. In this propped up position, I can watch up close, while easily reaching everything between his legs. I like to play with him "dry" for about fifteen or twenty minutes. When I finally do lube him up, he is instantly energized and goes into heat. This causes his sex hormones to pool in his lowered head and ignite an erotic rush. He becomes totally uninhibited, very inventive and has wild fantasies. I build him up to the edge of an orgasm, then back him down off it again. I do this over and over, as many as thirty, or fourty times! (who's counting) Every time I bring him close to an orgasm, he reaches a new threshhold of excitement. Finally, he reaches a high plateau, on the orgasmic edge, with no downside. He is in a constant state of nirvana, like an ongoing orgasm. This "edgeplay" is really exciting. It's like handling a stick of dynamite, ready to explode any second. As the pressure keeps building, he goes into a panic mode. The stop and go method is not for the faint of heart! It takes a lot of practice to become a good team and "pull it off." (pun intended) We have to work with one mind to keep him on the fiery orgasmic edge. Holding back his climax for such a long time, produces huge loads that take more than one orgasm to jettison. Once his balls pull up into firing position on either side of his cock, he is ready for the final jack-off. His load tears loose from his balls and shoots up his shaft to explode from his masthead like hot lava. I use a fast stuccatto stroke to jerk-off his spitting cock. With hot cum flying all over the place, he thrashes around in ecstasy, howling like a stuck pig. For a finale, he _____ my brains out with his sweet hard-on and shoots another awesome cum-shot deep into my pussy. My girlfriend often cums over to help us handle these long sessions. Talk about fun! I've turned into a bigger squirter than my boyfriend. Next it's my turn for the stop and go! WE LOVE IT AND SO WILL YOU!!!!

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